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Information & operation management - Essay Example

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These departments work together to ensure that the company’s operations run smoothly. Production and Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, and Business Information Management of JLR combine…
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Information & operation management
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Download file to see previous pages The functions of the operations are at the center of Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), and they interact with other duties although they may involve different activities. The functions must work together to realize the objectives of the company. Operation management is not done in isolation, but every decision is entwined with other functions to follow the strategic direction that has been developed by the management (Stevenson & Sum 2009).
The Operations function of JLR ensures that raw materials are available to the production process so as to make products that consumers will require. The ‘operations’ also share ideas across the company on how to improve processes and realize savings on the cost. The Department of operations ensures that there is increased efficiency and effective management of safety and environmental matters (Stevenson & Sum 2009). JLR’s business operations managers help different departments in the company to coordinate and meet the objectives of the business. The roles of business operations managers of the company are to negotiate contracts, address budget issues and guide work teams among others.
Production and Operations Management is involved in the conversion of inputs into outputs that will meet the needs of clients. The primary role of Production and Operations Management of JLR is to guarantee that the company manufactures the required products, according to the objectives of the company. POM incorporates different tasks that are interdependent. These functions include product, plant, processes, programs, and people (Stevenson & Sum 2009). Some of the problems addressed by Production and Operations Management of the company include scheduling production, management of distribution systems, selecting production facilities location and ensuring that goods and services are of high quality.
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Information & Operation Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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