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Operation and finances - Research Paper Example

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A brilliant marketing strategy ensures that the company’s products are in the right place and at the right price…
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Operation and finances
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Download file to see previous pages The price of the product must always be in consistence with the fixed price within the area. There is a need for the company to identify the fixed price of the product so that it finds ways of adapting their operation to the prices without realizing losses (Handlechner, 2008). Further, the company would need to determine the correct discount value that they should be offering on their products.
Identifying the right place for marketing is beneficial because it would determine the number of the customers that would be buying the products. The company would have to identify the strategic places where the customers will assess the product easily. The business would have ease in establishing the effective distribution channel after determining the right place. It would also have to determine and study the competitors within the place of establishment. Studying the competitors will help in identifying the weakness of the competitors subsequently looking for the better way of outcompeting the m in the market. Identifying the place would also help the business in determining whether they would use a sale force or the trade fairs depending on the customers residing in the place.
Determining a suitable sales strategy involves a company determining the suitable plan of making its product gain a competitive advantage. The company would focus on the identifying a sales strategy that help the sales in focusing the target market. Since the company is still new in the market, the best selling strategy in the market will be direct selling (Handlechner, 2008). This is because the business would have to identify with their customers before introducing their products and services in the market. The indirect selling is not suitable since it will involve analysis of the competition that will be unnecessary to the business. It will only need indirect selling once it has established itself in the market and have enough ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Operation and Finances Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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