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Write a critical review article on the topic Process safety management in oil and gas operations: The past, present and future directions - Essay Example

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As such, we begin the discussion with an overview of HSE both as a business principle and as a business strategy. Then, we look closely into HSE management systems by understanding some of its major…
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Write a critical review article on the topic Process safety management in oil and gas operations: The past, present and future directions
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Extract of sample "Write a critical review article on the topic Process safety management in oil and gas operations: The past, present and future directions"

Download file to see previous pages As Higgins and Associates (n.d.) define it, HSE focuses on, firstly, ensuring that business facilities are in compliance with health and safety standards; secondly, that all employees—from top management to contractual staff members—are actively promoting safety techniques and standards in their own departments within the company; and lastly, that the company builds strong relationship with external stakeholders such as state and federal agencies in order to manage the environmental, social, and cultural impacts of business operations. These definitions were also implicated by Fluor (2011) and FMC Technologies (2012) in their construction of primary business practices.
As such, BMS Consultancy (2009) reiterates that, firstly, maintaining health and safety standards in business facilities in oil and gas companies involves the inspection of refinery, depot, and gasoline station facilities, and testing of chemicals that come from refinery operations for toxicity and explosion capacities. Secondly, promoting safety techniques and standards among the employees, according to E&P Forum (1994), this includes the management of safety accidents in all major and minor facilities (from refineries to retail stations), the management of physical and psychological health hazards relating to chemicals and blood borne pathogens, and the strengthening of emergency plans. Lastly, strong coordination with external stakeholders is targeted toward reinforcing the emergency response program of the company on oil spills, gas leakages, and fire situations.
In this light, as Offshore Technology (2011) asserts, the adoption of HSE as a business principle is in line with the need for oil and gas companies to provide safe and reliable energy supply to the constantly evolving economic and geo-political landscape of nations. The vitality of their role in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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