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Taking Up Business Major - Admission/Application Essay Example

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This essay discusses the high demand for business-oriented professionals in our present economic and business world attracts students to pursue the business related course.It discusses a personal quality, talent, accomplishment, contribution or experience that is important to a writer…
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Taking Up Business Major
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Download file to see previous pages Choosing the right course or getting the right degree is not a problem at all because it happened that I was so interested in the concept of business. Ever since when I was on my second level and up to the present, it frequently comes out in my mind that becoming a successful businessman is my future career, regardless whether I am the owner or just an employee of a company. Wherever and whenever I go I see and observe people who were into business, lived in prosperity and wealth, driving expensive sports cars and motorbikes, big houses and condos, popular and famous, and traveling to many places around the globe. Some of them are the owners, stockholders, proprietors, but most are businessmen working for a certain company. I love to see myself being one of them because I envy how the way they lived, the leisure and the good lifestyle they have. Becoming what I wanted indeed starts with me, and so, I decided to take up college degree with a business major. Dreams will be made into reality only if I persevere and persistent. So I took the first step, last 2003 I studied the business degree at Santa Monica College, but sadly, I had it for only one semester and stopped. I wasn't able to finish due to some important personal reasons that sometimes confused me in making the right decision. Even if I had stopped my business major education last 2003, my interest in the commerce, sales, finance, and marketing still motivates me to continue my previous education in business. In fact, being a transferee from another school is not that easy, but I have to make it happen for the fulfillment of my dreams and future career. The different internships and employment I had experienced made me realize that there is a great opportunity that lies ahead of me when I finish the degree. Being a sales manager in Chun Ha Corporation, a Korean based company which imported chocolates from Goldenberg Chocolate of USA, I was able to apply and experience real life sales strategy and technique. The company established a Duty-free market to improve sales channel aside from local distribution of goods in Korea to meet the esteemed customers. As one of the sales manager, it was my responsibility to implement and monitor sales activities and accomplishment within my jurisdiction or sales area. Gladly, I was able to perform my duties well. The J One Asset Company of Korea on the other hand, gave me the chance to work as an intern and at the same time I learned the fund management approach and strategy. It was then that I understood the importance of budgeting, saving, investing of money for future use. And thirdly, my work experience as film production intern at CJ Entertainment a Korean top film entertainment enterprise. All of these internships and experiences enlightened my thoughts especially in the decision making and the practicality in the way of living. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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