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Helpful Guidelines in Writing - Admission/Application Essay Example

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In this paper “Helpful Guidelines in Writing,” the author will seek to reflect on the lessons he has learned and improvements he has made after attending class 105. English being his second language he values every chance to learn how to write and speak the language in order to express him clearly…
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Helpful Guidelines in Writing
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Extract of sample "Helpful Guidelines in Writing"

In 105 composition writing I have learnt very helpful guidelines in writing. These include organization supporting facts, style, and vocabulary with library research skills. Its main objective is to enhance students writing skills in line with college writing. In this paper I will seek to reflect on the lessons I have learnt and improvements I have made after attending class 105.
English being my second language I value every chance to learn how to write and speak the language in order to express myself clearly. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that class 105 composition writing was the most intriguing and helpful course this semester. I have greatly improved my writing skill; especially my syntactical and grammatical mistakes have reduced by a significant degree. This is evidenced by the continued steady improvement in my composition score. Despite my passion for writing I had a moderate fearful attitude towards writing as my writing skills were weak. Through the course I have changed my attitude for writing to viewing being easy and an interesting way of expressing ideas.
I have really benefitted from the peer review of my assignments by fellow classmates. They have pinpointed silly lexical mistakes and cohesion problems in my compositions, in regard to these mistakes I have improved to the point that my fellow students usually make positive comments in regard to my assignments. Teacher conferencing has also made positive contribution to my writing skills. This is largely because he has been giving immediate feedback in regard to areas that one need to improve. I have been trying earnestly to make corrections on my assignments following these feedbacks which have contributed to betterment of my writing skills. I do believe that an exceptional writing is the one that has an organization which is logical, fluency of sentences without spelling mistakes which are grammatically correct. In this regard, my writing is good though not best since I have to do more on organizing my works.
The biggest challenge in writing has been the organization of materials, before the course I used to begin writing a composition impromptu. This contributed to my poor scores but with the assistance of the teacher I have learned of the importance of writing an outline before attempting a composition. This has been among the greatest improvement I have made as a writer which has led to better scores in compositions and other subjects where I am supposed to submit assignments such as term papers and essays.
I do believe that class 105 is not the end of learning of writing in my case. This is because I understand that if I become proficient in writing, this will enhance my overall grades in school. Thus, I intend to be referring and revising the important lessons I have learnt in writing composition class. In conclusion, I have been able to properly organize my writing, reduced lexical and grammatical mistakes. I would like to indicate that this class has made my life in school easy and enjoyable since I can now write clearly, logically and comprehensively. Read More
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