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Reflection on IMRD research paper - Essay Example

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Before starting to write the paper 2, I certainly acquired a brief and a valuable insight regarding the conception about writing an IMRD research paper. By focusing upon the aspect of IMRD, it was very much helpful to write the paper in a systematic way. I would apply the aspect…
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Reflection on IMRD research paper
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"Reflection on IMRD research paper"

Download file to see previous pages The research could be conducted with more people as respondents in order to acquire more idea regarding the topic. However, in future, by considering the factor of time management, the research could be conducted more broadly. Though time was sufficient to complete the paper but it consumed a considerable amount of time to conduct the research. It can be stated that by emphasizing upon the factor of time management, the research could be conducted in more detailed way and certainly it would help to bring certain changes while writing future papers.
In order to write the paper 2, the peer reviews as well as the in-class activities helped and supported me by a significant level. Moreover, the written comments made by the instructor also assisted me in order to improve the writing of the paper. The comments from the instructor was generally based upon the guidelines about writing a particular paper which ultimately made me more positive as well as enthusiastically guided me towards writing the paper.
There were a number of invaluable comments that were received from the instructor. These include appropriate writing guidelines, conception regarding time management and adequate working circumstances that supported me to complete the paper ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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