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Culture & Technology - Essay Example

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This is because of the general significance of food in the human race. Food forms the vital aspect of life and thus the need to study an individual life through food…
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Culture & Technology
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Extract of sample "Culture & Technology"

Task: Culture and Technology Introduction Food is the basis of every economy and a key pawn in all political strategies of households and all countries. This is because of the general significance of food in the human race. Food forms the vital aspect of life and thus the need to study an individual life through food. This brings into focus the aspect of culture in eating habits. It involves food preferences, food dislikes and the common eating disorders. Food helps in defining the cultural and figurative aspect of the society in that it symbolizes the social differences in individuals. Sharing of food brings cohesion and food shortage destroys human communities (Perraton, et al, 127). The paper tries to analyze the relationship and significance of food as an aspect of culture and technology.
Relationship between food as an aspect of culture and technology
Bodily circumstances and physical images, like being overweight or slender, are intensely embedded in femininity features and cultural aspects, and represent how people classify themselves differently through food eating habits and cravings. Food offers a wide variety of meanings since the daily practices all over the world revolve around that aspect. There is an extensive range of etiquette, tastes, and cuisines associated to it. Technology dictates a chief role in the food, and beverage industry bringing evolution in the industry as a result of advancement in the technological field. New information has resulted in the invention of several brands and variety in the market bringing about competition and quality brands.
As the populace grows, the numerical figure agricultural grower is on the decline. This exerts pressure on transportation and storage space systems. This makes it impractical to overcome the challenges experienced in the food and beverage industry. Nevertheless, technological evolution in food manufacturing industries has resulted to fresh discoveries in nutritional knowledge have led to an increase in the quality and standards hence enhancing the variety of foods. Technology has resulted to forecasting of sales and records organization in the industry thus helping in prediction of sales volume leading to delivery of products in time. Nowadays, the food and beverage industry experiences worldwide competition in the market which is healthy as it promotes quality services.
Technology has led to the advancement of marketing procedures and brand name positions in the food and beverage companies. Companies have developed supply series by replacing the old ways of supply with new schemes to surpass their competitors. Food and beverage manufacture supply does not constantly compute with the present demand in the market or needs of consumers. This necessitates meticulous preparation to counter a similar scenario (Freidberg, 301).
At times, companies produce surplus beverages and various foods whereas at times the supply is inadequate. This brings into focus the role of technology in food preservation. Beverage industries have come up with techniques to conserve drinks for future sales. Although beverage preservation has been in place for a long time, technology has come up with modern ways of preservation. Increasing and improving storage facilities helps in preservation of drinks as they boost the life line of beverages hence intensifying the volume of supply.
Conservation of drinks magnifies the availability of drinks for sale during the whole year by the industries. Company’s saves time and energy during the processing process as the drink is processed beforehand thereby reduce the preparation period. The prices of beverages are stabilized as there are less chances of shortage in demand and supply. Reservation prevents wastage of drinks through spoilage. Improving the nutritional tastes of the population brings about variety therefore, diminishing nutritional inadequacies (Freidberg, 187).
The advancement of technological invention has made it easy to devise evolutionary progress that has impacted positively on the nutritional cost of beverage drinks. Scientists have come up with news methods to cut down the technological cost on nutritional value in the beverage industry. It has helped the developing countries to access economical and nutritious drinks that suit their financial system.
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Culture & Technology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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