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Culture, Technology & Ware - Essay Example

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Until today, American culture is still being affected by the wars that the country has been through. One of the most influential wars in the United States is the American Civil War which continuously affects American culture until today…
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Culture, Technology & Ware
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Download file to see previous pages This war led to a division in America. Political and ideological thinking of Americans were also defined by this war. According to Bourque (2010), “for political and ideological reasons, many today do identify all who willingly engage in sympathy for the Confederate cause, such as supporting the flying of the Confederate flag, to be engaged in an insult to the United States, an insult to African-Americans, an insult to the human race, an insult to civilized values, close to seditious activity, and close to hate crimes activity.” How people view and think today, can be said to have been rooted to their history.
There are many benefits and consequences of wars. One of the most significant effects of wars is its influence to economic institutions and trade patterns (Goldstein, n.d.). War also influenced technological developments. But the despite these influences, chronic wars has drained wealth, disrupted markets and depressed economic growths as well as multiple deaths(Goldstein, n.d.).
Across time, changes in the art of war and weaponry occur. Technological advancement often follows necessity in military. According to Professor Goldstein (n.d.), “governments can coordinate research and development to produce technologies for war that also sometimes find civilian uses (such as radar in World War II).”
Developments in communications technology, surveillance, and target acquisitions systems help improve the means of command and control of the military (Anand, n.d). As of right now, we have new advances in biotechnology and nano-technology which have great impact on human health. The conduct in warfare is changing over time. These advances in technology changed the processes in our military and the efficiency of doing their responsibilities.
Future warfare may utilize advanced technology and weaponry. Because of these developments, it is just very easy to start a war between one place and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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