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Love - Culture, Technology, and Entertainment - Essay Example

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In essence, the actions witnessed in a particular form of entertainment influences the actions of a definite cultural group. Through entertainment, a practice can be made popular, and as a result, it…
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Love - Culture, Technology, and Entertainment
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Extract of sample "Love - Culture, Technology, and Entertainment"

Love, Culture, Technology and Entertainment LOVE, CULTURE, TECHNOLOGY AND ENTERTAINMENT How entertainment helps define culture Entertainment depicts many different cultural practices around the world. In essence, the actions witnessed in a particular form of entertainment influences the actions of a definite cultural group. Through entertainment, a practice can be made popular, and as a result, it becomes a culture. Entertainment defines culture since many people rely on it as a way of getting the latest or current fashion. When a talk show, a movie or a song are entertaining then they are likely to influence the culture of the people who listened or watched it. On the other hand, when a talk show, a movie or a song are not entertaining then they have little chance of influencing culture on the people who either watched or listened. Additionally, since entertainment involves showing what is popular with people this helps in defining culture. The interesting nature of any form of entertainment greatly defines the culture of people who come across this form of entertainment. It can be stated in a different argument that themes in any form of entertainment are cultural (Cheok, 2010).
2. Benefit of technology on entertainment
Technology is hugely beneficial not only to entertainment, but also the entertainment industry as a whole. For instance, through technology, it is possible to produce high quality movies or record high quality songs. The most employed form of technology in the entertainment industry is computer technology. Application of computers in the entertainment industry has made production and distribution of any form of entertainment effective and efficient. Taking production of movies into consideration, there are advanced computer software, which are used in the production process, known as the green screen. Through the green screen, movie producers can impose non-existing images or features in a movie. Technology is also beneficial to the music entertainment in the production process. Music producers use computer software to create instrumentals instead of the traditional way of playing musical instruments. Manipulation of vocals is also possible through computer software, which brings about voice clarity. The other area in which technology has highly become beneficial is in the distribution process. In this case, the internet has proved to be very useful. Whether the entertainment is in the form of audio of video, its distribution to customers through the internet is very efficient. The internet has made buying and selling of any form of entertainment faster, since customers can pay for a song or a movie online and thereafter download it on their personal computers. Technology has eliminated the process of physically buying from music or a movie store (Cheok, 2010).
3. Cost of technology to how contemporary culture views entertainment
Technology has highly influenced how contemporary culture view entertainment. Because of technology, access to any form of entertainment has become easy. Technological progress has had positive effects in that it has promoted entertainment, which in turn has promoted contemporary culture. Modern culture, in terms of the current style and fashion, is driven by entertainment. This is to say that when technology enhances the production and distribution of entertainment, contemporary culture is further enriched. In essence, having technological progress has been effective towards the influence entertainment has had on contemporary culture. A form of entertainment whose production hugely entails the use of advanced technology is likely to be appreciated and liked by people, and if that happens then these people will be influenced by that culture. Additionally, technological progress in the process of distribution avails entertainment to a great number of people, whose culture will be influenced by it (Cheok, 2010).
Cheok A. (2010). Art and Technology of Entertainment Computing and Communication: Advances in Interactive New Media for Entertainment Computing. New York: Springer. Read More
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