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Cultural Expansion and the Advancement of Technology - Essay Example

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The paper presents technology that played a very important role in this cultural expansion. The rapid change of economy in medieval Europe can fundamentally be attributed to the innovations in agriculture, expansion of territories and identification of newer construction techniques…
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Cultural Expansion and the Advancement of Technology
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Extract of sample "Cultural Expansion and the Advancement of Technology"

The High Middle Ages was a dynamic era which was partly stimulated by the interaction between Europe and such other cultures of the world as that of the Mediterranean and Eurasia. This was the period in which a whole range of political and social patterns as well as institutions that have been conventionally considered part of the European history was formed. During this period, a range of cultural identities and political boundaries were developed in many European countries that included Germany, France, Italy, Iberia, British Isles, Scandinavia, and Eastern Europe. The time from 1000 to 1300 was when there happened a chain reaction in terms of advancements in the society, political life and economy which led to the development of new traditions in art and literature, scholarship, philosophy, and religion. A vast majority of these trends have become intrinsic features of contemporary European culture. Read More
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