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Culture, Technology, and Expansion Assignment - Essay Example

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In this context, civilization is seen as a tool of expansion. According to Targowski (2008), Culture is given a meaning through global processes analysis. (p. 26). It is a cultural sciences knowledge generalization…
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Culture, Technology, and Expansion Assignment
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Extract of sample "Culture, Technology, and Expansion Assignment"

Culture, Technology, and Expansion Assignment One would define culture from an expansion perspective. In this context, civilization is seen as a tool of expansion. According to Targowski (2008), Culture is given a meaning through global processes analysis. (p. 26). It is a cultural sciences knowledge generalization. Expansion defines culture at a contemporary level that involves, scientific knowledge conforming development, and regulation mechanism of mankind. Each human society generates its own mechanism and uses a complex artifacts system. The civilizing creation groups involve cultural elements that have availed basic needs for existence. Structures and cultural elements such as, human creations have offered social relations organization tools, relations among social systems, and a connection of environment with the social systems. The science creating a reflection of the world expansion in terms of new technologies, information and dependence, has integrated the global socio-cultural systems through civilization (Fernandez-Armesto, 2001, p. 22). Technological benefits have initiated the worldwide expansion. Over historical models, technology has successfully served societal needs tremendously. The modern society in terms of durable institutions is as a result of technology. Technology has internationalized science in which students can easily access information to get the required skills in various educational fields. Widely accessed education decreases the gap within social classes. Economic development is stipulated through new technologies. Population enriched through education initiates growth within a nation. Through out history, technological dynamisms have improved economic set ups of many countries. For instance, industrialization has boosted the economy of many western countries (Targowski, 2008, p. 34). In worldwide expansion, the technological progress is cost oriented. In order to attain industrialization in a given country, i.e. shifting from traditional modes of production to the current ones, hiring of machinery and skilled labor is required. Such machinery and skilled labor are expensively acquired. Modern technology requires intensive training. Cost incurred and time for training workers makes global businesses decrease their production. New modes of technology are implemented in the global education system which makes education expensive to acquire (Fernandez-Armesto, 2001, p. 29). Current expansion is affected either positively or negatively by the technology. Positively, technology ensures effectiveness and efficiency in performing a task. Countries with high technology experience richer economies than those with low technologies. Many activities are automated in such countries thus saving costs on labor. Negatively, technology creates economic disparities among countries. For instance, education system in the industrialized countries has resources to tackle scientific research that keeps the nation, with knowledge expansion as compared to third world countries (Targowski, 2008, p. 78). Most sub-Saharan Africa countries experience dramatic budget cuts thus find difficulties in the international system of knowledge. The future expansion, from a cultural point of reference, will create balance of the integration level among structural parts of individuals. The nowadays scientific research is faced with questions that will enforce global values, and outer and inner integration of cultural systems. Through out the course of the 21st century, the international community efforts to understand mankind global situation and effectively solve international problems will be strengthened. Expansion of civilization, science and technology, and global information will adequately connect the world into a civilized cultural system.
Targowski, A. (2008). Information Technology and Social Development. Hershey, PA: IGI Publishers.
Fernandez-Armesto, F. (2001). Civilizations, Culture, Ambition, and the Transformation of Nature. New York: A Touchstone Book. Read More
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