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The Means for Effective Interpersonal Communication between Couples - Essay Example

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The objective of this is to help reach an understanding by getting to know each other’s distinct communication styles and personality quirks. As you know,…
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The Means for Effective Interpersonal Communication between Couples
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Extract of sample "The Means for Effective Interpersonal Communication between Couples"

Download file to see previous pages Most of the time, we tend to look at the faults and weaknesses of others while making quick judgments or conclusions at the same time. This usually is the first action since it is part of our innate instinct to be on the defensive, both physically and psychologically. Knowing this, you are already aware that taking your own side first in any argument is an instinctive reaction. Of course, that kind of action does not really deal with the problem initially. The first step in having an effective and happy interpersonal communication as a couple is to first look into your own self. This requires serious introspection and a degree of private time away from each other.
Introspection requires a long and deep look into one’s own personality and character. Just imagine having to sit in front of a mirror while asking yourself questions about your own self. Some of the questions that could be asked would be about good traits, inherent character strengths, character flaws, and weaknesses. The primary reason why this step is important is because it practices you to be self-aware of mistakes that might have been overlooked. More often than not, it is easy to point fingers at the mistakes of others while forgetting that you have your own shortcomings as well. To be more conscious of your own mistakes is a matter of mindfulness.
After spending a great deal of time understanding your personality and behavior, the next step is to have a self-appraisal on your personal manner of communicating. You have to realize that for an effective interpersonal communication to happen between couples, it is also important to know how you would communicate with yourself and if you have communication competencies. The issue is not whether or not you are good in expressing yourself. You can express yourself clearly but still send the wrong sentiments. Most of the time, it is the manner and not the message that has the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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