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MGT501 - Mgmt. and Org. Behavior session long project 3 (learning styles.) - Essay Example

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It allows me to realize the style of learning that I tend to follow. My experience was quite interesting for this test. I tried to guess what my results would be and the result turned out to be quite different. I always thought I…
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MGT501 - Mgmt. and Org. Behavior session long project 3 (learning styles.)
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"MGT501 - Mgmt. and Org. Behavior session long project 3 (learning styles.)"

Download file to see previous pages This assessment took me by surprise and I must say it was a pleasant surprise. It’s good to know your own style of learning rather than assuming you are good in one style whereas that is not really your style.
I think this assessment is a complete clear picture of me and my style and is clearly my actual style of learning. I do tend to be more productive when am verbal or social and also to a great extent Aural. These are definite strengths and will prove to be very helpful in a workplace or organization. The main reasons being, a) at a workplace training is mostly in groups rather than one on one, b) being verbal is helpful as it allows good expression of self and c) together they form a strong mix and allow for bettered performance. In any work place it is essential to be able to think in a logical manner and be able to grasp things in a group discussion. Hence I believe that the ability to learn in social as well as verbal manner is quite an effective combination and can be very useful in the work environment.
Based on the results I do not think I need to improve myself in any area considering this completely in a managerial sense. I think the combination of being verbal and social will prove to make a dynamic combination in an organization. However to ensure that my overall competence is improved, I will work on learning all styles as this will be helpful to understand the others within the organization. I feel this tool is one of the best assessments for one and allows people to learn about their own learning styles in an effective manner.
The assessment is to a great extent accurate and is very helpful when a person is unaware of their learning style. Also this allows the individuals to learn their lacking qualities and work on self improvement of these techniques and skills. Overall the assessment is very interesting, motivating and very ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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