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MGT501 - Mgmt. and Org. Behavior session long project 2 (Jung Typology Test.) - Essay Example

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I have enjoyed this assessment a lot and my experience has been very insightful. I found it a little long to complete however the result at the end was worth the wait. My test results show that my…
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MGT501 - Mgmt. and Org. Behavior session long project 2 (Jung Typology Test.)
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"MGT501 - Mgmt. and Org. Behavior session long project 2 (Jung Typology Test.)"

Download file to see previous pages This feature is true however has gone unnoticed throughout my life.
The results show that in an organization I will be very decisive and that I am a very organized person. This along with my strong interpersonal skills together will prove to be my strengths in an organization. I believe, and as confirmed by the test, I have the excellent entrepreneurial abilities and have the ability to juggle between numbers of responsibilities. This I believe is my biggest strength and is my mode of opportunity in a workplace as well. One of the other features that the test has brought out is the fact that I follow the open door policy and am ready to be interrupted by other admits my work. I provide undivided attention, and this I think will be very useful in a work place.
One of the few things that I might have a problem with includes my sensitive nature and my “thinner psychological boundaries”. Truly as an individual I tend to go out of the way to help others and in a number of cases, I tend to get into trouble because people tend to take advantage of me. This I feel will be one of the biggest issues that I might face in an office environment.
In order to improve my overall managerial competence, I believe that I need to practice being stronger and need to learn to say ‘No’. This I can achieve by taking up the self improvement courses and with the help of my friends and family. I will also practice this in all aspects of life so that I do not become a push over and people do not take advantage of me. In conclusion I feel that this assessment of my nature and personal managerial competence is very accurate. The ENFJ category of people are referred to as, ‘the Caregivers’, which I feel is a true portrait of my nature. This assessment has brought out the best of my qualities as well as the biggest of my weaknesses and has provided me with a chance to learn and improve ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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MGT501 - Mgmt. And Org. Behavior Session Long Project 2 (Jung Typology Essay.
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