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Results of Jung Typology Assessment - Personal Statement Example

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The paper "Results of Jung Typology Assessment" discusses the way to be employed for the job on the author's own experience, explains how benefits evaluating companies and industries’ economic performances for interested investors to make valuable investments, gives personal characteristics…
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Results of Jung Typology Assessment
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Extract of sample "Results of Jung Typology Assessment"

Download file to see previous pages ISFJ know how to relax and be easy going, but they are sometimes lazy. They treat others with sensitivity and warmth especially when they are the leaders. ISFJ makes some action immediately when they “should” do something that they need to do, but during the action, they will feel somewhat uncomfortable and unsure of themselves. ISFJs sometimes think negatively. They do not believe in fiction or unreal things; every action that happens to an individual is a result of the individual’s actions and the individual has to think things through before acting.
In my opinion, I agree with most of the answers from Myer’s Briggs Position test, however, some of the answers are not true about me and so I also do not believe some of the answers. An example of one of the contradicting answers is; the result of the test that says that ISFJ has good memories. I am not so good at memorizing things or something, especially memorizing historical terms. I also often share some ideas with others. So this test can show most of an individual’s characters but not all (Humanmetrics, 2011).
Conducting research from various sources for information on existing products, new products, financial products’ providers and other matters affecting financial investment; or examining conditions of the market and analyzing the economic and social conditions to prepare plans suited for clients’ requirements
Certifications required: every financial adviser has to pass the series 7 exam. This exam is offered by FINRA. Additional credentials could also be required depending on the state and if as a financial adviser needs more senior positions (Kolakowski, 2011)
Financial advisers need to have knowledge of insurance, investments, and tax laws. This knowledge is necessary for determining the best organization or area of investment for the clients; it, therefore, gives the advisers the information necessary. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Results of Jung Typology Assessment Personal Statement.
(Results of Jung Typology Assessment Personal Statement)
Results of Jung Typology Assessment Personal Statement.
“Results of Jung Typology Assessment Personal Statement”.
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