Compare and contrast the ideologies and aims of VILLA and CARRANZA and their impact on the Mexican Revolution ( 1910-17) - Essay Example

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Though he was a killer, a bandit, and a revolutionary leader, many remember him as a folk hero.” (Rosenberg Guide). Villa was…
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Compare and contrast the ideologies and aims of VILLA and CARRANZA and their impact on the Mexican Revolution ( 1910-17)
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Extract of sample "Compare and contrast the ideologies and aims of VILLA and CARRANZA and their impact on the Mexican Revolution ( 1910-17)"

VILLA and CARRANZA: A contrast and comparison of their impact on the Mexican Revolution (1910 - 1917) INTRODUCTION: As Jennifer Rosenberg described, “Pancho Villa was a Mexican revolutionary leader who advocated for the poor and wanted agrarian reform. Though he was a killer, a bandit, and a revolutionary leader, many remember him as a folk hero.” (Rosenberg Guide). Villa was considered a hero by some and a villain by others. He believed in brute force and was sadistic with his ways oftentimes. But he always gave back to the poor.
Carranza was intelligent and stubborn, Minster of quoted that, “He was not the sort to inspire great loyalty, and his success in the revolution was mainly due to his ability to portray himself as a wise, stern patriarch who was the nations best hope for peace.” (Minster Guide)
Villa often opposes dictators during his time and revolted against the current regime twice. He strongly believed in his ways and that Mexicans should be free from oppression of people in power and injustice.
Carranza joined the revolution due to high ambitions; he collaborated with Francisco Madero who was the brains of the revolution in 1910. As quoted by Christopher online, “Carranza was not a true believer in reform and he felt that a firmer hand (preferably his) was needed to rule Mexico.” (Minster Guide)
Villa’s charisma provided him the support of the lower class and was often more of a hero to them than a rebel. The people supported much of his cause however awkward his methods maybe.
Carranza was more into the politics of the matter. One of his major reasons for joining the revolution was his plans of attaining power for himself. After Madero got assassinated by Huerta, another uprising came; this time led by Carranza himself. He was supported by Villa and Obregon on this one.
Villa’s radical aims were by no means visibly clear. Villa spoke unclearly of creating mutual colonies for his ex-comrades.
He yielded to Venustiano Carranza’s Plan.
Villa led his army to winning countless battles with his bravery. With his great charisma he was able to gather an army of 3000 in just a month time. He led them the last time against American Troops, after attacks on Columbus and New Mexico, before he was awarded pardon in 1920.
Carranza, on the latter part of the second uprising, was sided by the United States. Villa went to the mountains during this time and was considered a fugitive of the New Mexican government. Little was changed during Carranza’s reign.
End Event:
Jennifer Rosenberg added in her online article that; “Villa retired from revolutionary life in 1920 but had only a short retirement for he was gunned down in his car on July 20, 1923.”(Rosenberg Guide)
After Obregon drove him off of power in Mexico, Carranza was gunned by Rodolfo Herrera in his sleep together with his top supporters in 1920. As Christopher Minster quoted it, “Herrera was put on trial by Obregon, but it was clear that no one missed Carranza: Herrera was acquitted.” (Minster Guide)
I personally believed that Villa played the most vital roles in the revolution. The man could have done a lot for his country if only he got rid of his pride and reckless behavior that also led him to many failures.
Minster, Christopher. “Biography of Venustian Carranza”. Latin American History. Web. 20 November 2009.
Rosenberg, Jennifer. “Biography of Pancho Villa”. Latin American History.
Web. 20 November 2009. Read More
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