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Compare and Contrast ideologies - Research Paper Example

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Organization, institution and state often conform to principles and social practices that shaped their political thoughts, behaviors, economic relations and cultural norms (Fred,…
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Compare and Contrast ideologies
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Extract of sample "Compare and Contrast ideologies"

Topic: Compare and Contrast Ideologies The political structure of a is determined by dominant ideology ingrained in its system. Organization, institution and state often conform to principles and social practices that shaped their political thoughts, behaviors, economic relations and cultural norms (Fred, 1978). Social interaction is cultivated by how power or authority is wielded through integration or adaptation of legitimate laws in democratic regime or by rules imposed by monarchical leaders to its constituents (Fred, 1978).
Postmodern political structure however gave rise to the necessity of democratizing the process by encouraging peoples’ participation in governance and in community-based decision-makings to bring about the utilitarian principle --to be of service to greater number of people. However, while universal principles in governance are similar, the ideological inspirations differ. This is because states either adopt socialism, communism, or liberal democracy as their political system. These ideologies can be distinguished as shown in a table below:
Form of Government
Economic Policy
International Relations
Civil Liberties
The socialist government empowers people to collectively own and democratically operate their industries and social services Decisions are made for utilitarian purpose. This is practiced in France and adopted by Union of Soviet Republics (USSR) (Quinn, 2012).
Its economy is driven by a system where property is shared communally. Private property is not quiet encouraged and they practice market exchanges otherwise known as ‘market exchange.’ The workers manage their industries and corporations and select their representatives to head them.
International relations are determined by hierarchy of structures but are laid by collective planning. While it’s open for foreign relations, its bilateral and multilateral relations are often ruled by socialist perspective for its general goodness. Ergo, not for private interest (Quinn, 2012).
Civil rights and liberties are still guaranteed to its constituents however, these are subject to limitations by rules and policies with socialist framework (Quinn, 2012).
Governance is ruled by communist party (Quinn 2012). Theoretically, some political scientists contended that that there is no government yet that has ably practiced completely the communistic values albeit China and some countries claimed that they are adopting a communist regime. The end of cold war has shown that China has adopted a neo-capitalists system.
Ideally, communism is opposed to capitalism and liberal democracy. Although at times perceived as akin to socialism, but its economic system wherein production is controlled by public interest. According to political experts, there is no room for private property ownership (Quinn 2012).
The communist international relation is limited and is driven fundamentally by state policy. They are not open to liberal ideas and have in fact controlled the information that can be consumed in their institutions. Internet accesses to western values are controlled. In their diplomatic relations, they had a curtained wall in all of its multilateral and bilateral relations.
Since communism fundamentally advances the abolition of private property, personal liberties are limited or discouraged to guarantee a classless society. There is no reward system under this government and all foreign influences are assumed inimical to their national identity (Quinn 2012).
Liberal Democracy
Its governance is anchored on the principles of democracy and thus, relies on peoples’ participation in decision-makings and submits this in a democratic exercise of suffrage in an electoral process (Australian Politics, 2012). Often, sectors and regions have representation in their legislative and judicial body. The judicial system maintains relative independence from the other major pillars of the state (Australian Politics, 2012)
Under liberal democracy, the economic system admits free commerce and trade under the doctrine of capitalism. The dynamics of the market are ruled by policies and although regulated by the Security and Exchange Commission, they practice liberty of an individual to compete in the market to gain profits (Australian Politics, 2012).
International relations are open and are encouraging multilateral diplomacy in the interest of free trade and a globalized market. Authorities here advocate for mutual benefit association and have stronger inclination to cooperation, instead of disorder and conflict (Australian Politics, 2012).
Civil liberties guarantee political and economic rights for every person. This is because it’s premised that a person is both moral and rational. Freedom of thoughts, information, religion, association and freedom from threats are upheld and vigorously promoted (Australian Politics, 2012).
As I subscribed to the political thought that human beings have inherent unlimited potentials, I prefer a government that is advocating liberal democracy. This could only be realized in a society where liberty is guaranteed. Humanity is dead without freedom, albeit we submit to the fact that we are regulated by laws and policies under the theory of social contract to maintain social cohesion and peace. Society is never better with its constituents pro-actively participating in realizing dreams and in choosing better direction for good governance. ‘People economic system’ could never be reformed and developed unless democratic space is nurtured for better production and market relations.
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