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Compare and contrast political ideologies, such as Liberalism and Conservatism - Research Paper Example

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are varied ranging from far left to far right. The two sides have a contentious relationship which has grown even more heated during the last decade. In the left corner wearing blue trunks are the liberals and in the opposite corner…
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Compare and contrast political ideologies, such as Liberalism and Conservatism
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Extract of sample "Compare and contrast political ideologies, such as Liberalism and Conservatism"

Download file to see previous pages Political ideologies are a product by a person’s personal beliefs, refined by many years of contemplation and further shaped by numerous life experiences. More than anything else, ideological disputes instigate a highly emotional reaction in people. Abortion, torture, foreign military intervention, gay marriage, workers rights, global warming, health care, the economy, the definition of civil liberties and, incredibly, forced trans-vaginal ultrasound along with several other politically stirring issues are causing ideological battles that have drawn clear ideological boundaries and deeply divided the nation. This paper explains the two polar opposite political points of view, liberalism and conservatism, while giving examples of how each interpret some current issues and why the conservative ideology is fundamentally flawed.
The principles of Liberalism include an intense conviction in the democratic process and are confident that the people’s constitutional rights will keep the powers of the government in check. Liberal political leaders have, partially by necessity, steadily grown governmental authority beyond where the authors of the Constitution and some people would prefer. The doctrine of conservatism relies, in part, on their collective interpretation of a Christian-based ideology. As opposed to liberals, conservatives are opposed to government regulation of business but are generally in favor of laws that regulate the personal conduct of private citizens. They are determined to promote their religious agenda without consideration of personal liberties, scientific evidence or constitutional confirmation that may contradict their opinion. “At the core of the conservative ideology lays a thirst for heroes and villains, a visceral resistance to change, rigid adherence to tradition, fear of the unknown, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Compare and Contrast Political Ideologies, Such As Liberalism and Research Paper.
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