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Presidential Perspectives - Essay Example

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Democrats promote community responsibility and social justice while Republicans advocate individual responsibility and rights as well as individual justice. As such, democrats and republicans tend to support different ideologies. The discussions in this paper will manifest these…
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Presidential Perspectives
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Extract of sample "Presidential Perspectives"

Download file to see previous pages The difference between Democrats and Republics is apparent in American politics. Democrats and Republicans differ mainly in terms of philosophy, worldview, ideologies, and politics. Democrats are more of socialists and hold that the duty of the government is welfare of the people regardless of individual interests. They support government sponsored programs such as healthcare as well as subsides. Republicans, on the other hand, elevate economic equity and free market; they believe that solutions lay with the people rather than the federal government. Hence, they are more of capitalists, promoting property rights over welfare rights. They also decry active government interference in the economy.
Obama’s policies and Mitt Romney’s are contrasting and apparent due to their political divides, which shapes their philosophy, worldview, ideologies, and politics. Alperovitz (2011) asserts that power structure in the United States can be analyzed in four rival approaches, namely: pluralism, State autonomy, elite theory, and Marxism. Pluralism theory holds that groups such as unions and professional associations, civil rights activists, business and financial lobbies govern America. Liberalists assert that there are multiple centers of power, which yield a colossal bearing in the making of laws and policies.
According to Alperovitz (2011), state autonomy stresses that the government is always an autonomous force due to its control of military. Hence, they conclude that the government in the United States is the central source of power. Elite theory stipulates that leaders of large organizations inevitably dominate key sectors of the society and that America is no different. Finally, Marxism argues that property owners dominate the society. Those who hold power are predominantly those who own means of production. Policy issues such as taxes, trade agreements, and labor standoffs are a manifestation of this fact.
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Presidential Perspectives Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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