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How the French in the United States View the Americans - Essay Example

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The researcher interested in how the French in the United States View the Americans.  This essay will discuss the different perspectives held by the two groups concerning various issues and compare the suggestions of the reading provided to those presented in different media…
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How the French in the United States View the Americans
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Extract of sample "How the French in the United States View the Americans"

How the French in the United States View the Americans
Considering the different historical economic affiliations of France and United states, citizens from these two countries have different opinions concerning social, economical and political views of each other. France is known to have supported communism ideologies while the United States supported capitalism hence the different perspectives held by the citizens in both countries. This essay will discuss the different perspectives held by the two groups concerning various issues and compare the suggestions of the reading provided to those presented in different media.
To start with, according to the reading, money is described as the ultimate value in America. This is because people who make fortune in America are very respectable compared to those in France. In America, it does not matter how the rich make money, whether in suspicious or genuine ways, the fact remains that the rich are respectable and are seen as hardworking citizens. On the other hand, the French do not value money greatly. They only require money for their survival and having a lot of money does not earn people respect in France.
Secondly, the work culture is different in the two countries. According to the reading, the Americans are strict in terms of time management, execution of commands and alsolimit social associations at work places. This is in contrast with the French people who have relaxed rules at their work place and encourage social relations.
Thirdly, the choice of food is different in the two countries. According to the reading, Americans like to have fast foods as opposed to the French who enjoy having quality meals. This is shown by the increased number of fast food restaurants in America. Lastly, there is considerable difference in the way social relationships are carried out in the two countries. According to the reading, the relationship between men and women in U.S is not relaxed like in France. For instance, men cannot flirt with women easily in America something that is usual in France.
The Ideas in the reading are also complimented by other writings. To start with, the love for money by Americans is addressed by Understandfrance.Org. According to Understandfrance.Org, the French view Americans as materialistic people who value money than anything else while the Americans view the French as people who are not hardworking (1). Similarly, the difference in food choice in the two countries is addressed by Europedia. According to Europedia, the French prefer taking more balanced meals as opposed to Americans who consume fast foods (1).
Moreover, Europedia points out that social relationship in the U.S are more formal compared to France (1). Further, social relationships in America are characterized by formal conventions. For example, men are expected to buy expensive gifts for their women to make the relationship enjoyable (Europedia 1). Lastly, Weinreb points out the differences in work culture in the two countries. According to Weinreb, the American focus on the execution of commands to get results while the French prefer deliberative processes (1). In addition, French work contracts include long vacations something not common in American work contracts (Weinreb 1).
In conclusion, it is evident from the reading material provided and the outside sources that there is significant cultural difference between the Americans and French. However, it is worth pointing out that the characteristics used to portray citizens of the two countries do not apply to every citizen in the respective countries. Therefore, it is correct to conclude that the characteristics stated about the American and French involve an element of stereotype.

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