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How the French in the United States View the Americans - Essay Example

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The researcher interested in how the French in the United States View the Americans.  This essay will discuss the different perspectives held by the two groups concerning various issues and compare the suggestions of the reading provided to those presented in different media…
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How the French in the United States View the Americans
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Extract of sample "How the French in the United States View the Americans"

Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that considering the different historical economic affiliations of France and United States, citizens from these two countries have different opinions concerning social, economic and political views of each other. France is known to have supported communism ideologies while the United States supported capitalism hence the different perspectives held by the citizens of both countries. To start with, according to the reading, money is described as the ultimate value in America. This is because people who make fortune in America are very respectable compared to those in France. In America, it does not matter how the rich make money, whether, in suspicious or genuine ways, the fact remains that the rich are respectable and are seen as hardworking citizens. On the other hand, the French do not value money greatly. They only require money for their survival and having a lot of money does not earn people respect in France. Secondly, the work culture is different in the two countries. According to the reading, the Americans are strict in terms of time management, execution of commands and also limit social associations at workplaces. This is in contrast with the French people who have relaxed rules at their workplace and encourage social relations. Thirdly, the choice of food is different in the two countries. According to the reading, Americans like to have fast foods as opposed to the French who enjoy having quality meals. This is shown by the increased number of fast food restaurants in America. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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