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Critical Thinking about the Viet Nam Conflict - Research Paper Example

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The Vietnam War was one of its kinds in terms of the criticism that it attracted from common people to scholars to diplomats alike. It was one of the only times when America could not stand up to its war claims to create an independent non-communist government…
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Critical Thinking about the Viet Nam Conflict
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Download file to see previous pages The American diplomats were so convinced of their supremacy of war power that they completely failed to look at the other side of the coin. As a result of poor planning and failed execution of the projected estimates, the American Culture received shocks and trauma that still haunt them even after so many years. Post the wars, thousands of families were affected, having lost husbands, sons, and daughters. People were left homeless and struggled to meets ends; the scars left on the society were so deep that not only the physical trauma was evident but the emotional stress was high enough for them to start doubting the bureaucrats’ intentions and integrity. The United States had a firm belief that communism anywhere would be a threat and they had a clear thought that they would do everything to curb and eradicate communism. United States were not involved in the Vietnam conflict directly until they felt it was absolutely necessary to continue their fight against communism. Before losing out on the World War II, France ruled Vietnam and Vietnam became independent but French were unwilling to let it go without a battle, which eventually led to the The Battle of Dien Bien Phu. France lost the battle, post which it was decided that France and Vietnam would sign a treaty in the Geneva Convention on 1954 to settle for peace. It was agreed that Vietnam would be divided into North and South states on th 17th parallel with communist Vietminh ruling the North and Bao Dai ruling the South Vietnam for two years. The agreement was that presidential elections would be held in 1956 to decide the future course of action but things did not went as planned. The National Liberation Front started communism in the South Vietnam and started anti Diem practices. United States was in full support of the new ruler of the South Vietnam, Ngo Dinh Diem and decided to intervene to ensure that another communist country does not come up. John F. Kennedy made up his mind to completely take sides and prove the supremacy of America by signing a treaty with South Vietnam to extend economical and military help (Lawrence, 2010). United States even helped the South Vietnam in creating Army Republic of Vietnam in the hope that the unit will fight the communists from North and keep the country free from communism. Despite many efforts from America, Sout continued to face defeats on many levels of the dispute. Despite several efforts of United States, it so happened that the South Vietnam went on to face several defeats from Guerrillas and communism was threatening to prevail in the country. Meanwhile, America’s attention was divided in several other major happenings taking place around the world, especially in the Indochina region. But, it was high time that U.S. played direct and more active role to curb out the communism from Vietnam or so they thought. The Truman Doctrine that was originally designed to be made applicable in Europe and Middle East was then being adopted in Vietnam conflict due to the belief that if Communists were not destroyed; communism would soon engulf the concerned Asian region (Westheider, 2007). John F. Kennedy, who took the office in 1961 was of the opinion that there were other major issues than Vietnam and he only increased the U.S. aid at the insistence of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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