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The two main political parties utilized in the US government system are the republican and the democratic parties. It is necessary to comprehend the main ideologies forming the basis of their differences…
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Compare Democrats to Republicans
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Compare Democrats to Republicans Task: Introduction The US utilizes two principles systems in forming the government. The twomain political parties utilized in the US government system are the republican and the democratic parties. It is necessary to comprehend the main ideologies forming the basis of their differences. Therefore, this script will provide a stance about the key differences of the two concepts. In an endeavor to accomplish this task effectively, it would be crucial to answer a number of questions that have a direct connection with the two concepts.
The differences
The two concepts acting as the centre of discussion for this assignment are the republicans, as well as the democrats. This question requires one to indicate the main similarities along with some of the key differences. The following are among the differences existing between the two parties. Unlike the democrats, the republicans encourage individuals in the society to work extremely hard in catering for themselves, their families, as well as the elderly and the disabled (Dempsey, 2009).
The democrats conversely believe that the government ought to be answerable for the wellbeing of all its citizens. Moreover, the republicans champion the usage of the free enterprise, which they believe to possess a momentous economic gain. Alternatively, the democrats hold to the idea that conducting business is a strenuous undertaking thus permitting the government intervention (Dempsey, 2009). The republicans dedicate much of their effort in sinking the government spending through tax reduction. On the contrary, the democrats encourage taxation as they regard it a necessary tool in meeting their citizen’s needs.
The similarities and the purpose of the essay
Despite the many differences, the two systems hold some similar notions such as illegalizing of abortion. Additionally, both practice the liberal governance although they possess an element of conservatism (Dempsey, 2009). They also champion for honesty in their leadership, and aim at enhancing peace. It deems necessary to focus on both the similarities, as well as differences. This is because of its significance making the interested entities understand how the two systems operate.
The lesson and the parallel points
After reading the essay, readers should clearly understand both the democrats, as well as the republicans. The different parallel points of contrast and comparison that the essay will address include each of the party’s ideology on taxation, education, national defense, and immigration. The topic chosen stands the chance of being the most suitable, and workable topic since it is of international interest.
It is evident that the republican, as well as the democratic parties, are the two main parties in the USA. However, they present some similarities in both their ideologies, and their policymaking. Therefore, this document has highlighted such differences, along with the similarities. There are some ideological differences in areas of taxation and the government spending. Therefore, the other part of this document will expound more on what this document has highlighted.
Dempsey, J. (2009). Our army: soldiers, politics, and American civil-military relations. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press. Read More
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