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The relationship between unequal democracy and uneasy alliances - Essay Example

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Science enables researchers and political scientists to explain a series of events in a given democracy. The economic difference between various households in the United States traces its roots to political inequality within the society. The purpose of the paper is to establish the relationship between Frymer’s theories and Bartels’s analysis on the causes of the large income gap in the United States. …
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The relationship between unequal democracy and uneasy alliances
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Extract of sample "The relationship between unequal democracy and uneasy alliances"

Download file to see previous pages Scholars argue that politicians respond to the needs of all voters because of their desire to win elections. Paul contradicts this view by expounding on the economic gap that politicians create among Americans based on racial and political affiliation. He further explains that American politicians spend a great deal of resources and time on the majority who are white voters, at the expense of the minority black voters. The theory intimates that the two-party system in United States is responsible for the current state of affairs. Frymer argues that the establishment of the current party system distances the American minorities’ concerns from political agendas (Frymer 26). The system continues to limit opportunities for black Americans politically. Several American presidents facilitate this political isolation by distancing themselves from the needs of the African Americans. In addition, the Republican Party, which dominates most of the white populace, concentrates on the needs of the white voters. Frymer compares the black voters’ position in the American politics with that of minority social groups such as lesbians, gays and Christian right. According to Frymer, uneasy alliances are powerful challenges on how Americans view the relationship between democracy, black voters and political parties. The theory compares the impact of various political parties on the livelihoods of the black voters. It reveals that the Democratic Party establishes a close relationship with the African-American voters while the Republican Party relates well with the white voters. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Relationship Between Unequal Democracy and Uneasy Alliances Essay.
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