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The Palladian Villa - Research Paper Example

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The paper "The Palladian Villa" has highlighted the work of Italian architect of the Renaissance, Andrea Palladio, in the creation of villas during the sixteenth century. It is evident that his work was brilliant; the foundations of which were classical architecture, mathematics, and music…
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The Palladian Villa
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Extract of sample "The Palladian Villa"

Download file to see previous pages For several centuries after Palladio’s lifetime, the appeal of Palladianism grew, exerting a great impact on the architecture of the western world.
Palladio constructed a unique and precise architectural language to articulate his designs. His architectural vocabulary or the elements that he used for composing his designs developed from his studies of the ruins of ancient Rome, the creative work of other architects, as well as the masterpieces of contemporary architecture. According to architectural historian James Ackerman, Palladio was the “world’s most imitated architect” partly because of his well-developed and perfected vocabulary of classical architecture from its most abstract to its highly literal form. Palladio’s use of classical conceptualization is evident from its abstract portrayal in the early design of Villa Poiana, followed by its more literal form in the Villa Barbaro created in the middle of his career, to the most characteristically Palladian representation in his crowning achievement, Villa Almerico, the “Rotonda” in Vicenza, Italy (Williams et al: 16).
Figure 2. depicts Andrea Palladio’s plan of the Villa Rotonda. Geometric relationships between the three dimensions of 30, 26 and 15 are evident within the five primary rooms of the Villa Rotonda, as specified in the architect’s fourth book (Wassell: 125).
Palladio’s greatest contribution to the Villa as a residential building was that he replaced the earlier use of refurbished castles or haphazard collection of buildings which were unsuitable to contemporary tastes. The Palladian villa was a new kind of agricultural and residential complex that accurately suited the needs of his sixteenth-century Venetian patrons (Williams et al: 16). However, some villas such as the Villa Foscari, 1559, was not related to agricultural land (Huse et al: 126). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Palladian Villa Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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