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This in most of the times may compare or contrast to another person opinion on the same subject despite that they both had their original ideas. This is…
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Compare and contrast two readings
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Download file to see previous pages Henry David Thoreau is the writer of the seeing literally work and he implies the perspective of seeing and the outcomes of viewing things depends with each person and every other person can see what he or she intends to visualize thus it may be biased. Likewise, Ralph Waldo Emerson is also a writer in the natural literally work thus; a naturalist trying to argue the perception of how we see things should not only be based from what our ancestors had. The past influence, on the beliefs and ideologies are ridiculing whenever we follow what other people had there before since we are more capable of seeing, thinking and discovering things on our own. Emerson argues this since he finds that people are more dependent on the history that they found and want to still follow not because they cannot think but just want to follow the perception. Both are naturalists and are critical thinkers who can also be termed as philosophers as they both argue on the human point of view.
In Thoreau’s work, we find that it takes preparation to see things in similar perspectives between two individuals. The more ready one can visualize and use their sight the greater the side of view. For instance, if one was not ready to look at a particular horizon then the existence of some things in the landscape and surroundings will not be evident. It takes the intent to observe and actualize for one to realize the whole range of things and objects that are there. Things can be at a certain place and we rarely see them out of our view though they are not hidden from us. In comparison to Emerson’s, literally work, he thinks that the atmosphere consists of very many stars that shine different rays yet someone can see the atmosphere as being transparent. He also compares to Thoreau work when he states that it takes an open mind to receive the influence of external forces from the universe. In both works therefore, it results to a personal initiative ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Compare and Contrast Two Readings Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
“Compare and Contrast Two Readings Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words”, n.d.
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