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Critically analyze the major HRM systems of HP - Essay Example

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The organization, from the outset, consciously employs its strategic Human Resources Management (HRM) systems in order to build, shape, and…
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Critically analyze the major HRM systems of HP
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Download file to see previous pages HP, is used strategically to shape and reinforce a certain type of culture by reinforcing certain ideas, norms, and behavior and by discouraging others. Strong values are passed down by the management and then reinforced by procedures and rituals that emphasize and reward desired behaviors in tandem with a cultural network that is consisted of a system of communication that is used as a tool to disseminate values and create corporate heroes. (Barry 2000, p. 107)
This paper will explore the processes involved behind the HP HRM strategy, particularly the organizations rigorous selection and recruitment methods and the emphasis on employee training, compensation and performance evaluation.
It is important to underscore that HP, along with IBM, initiated the antecedents of HRM in its studies of non-unionized employee management. For HP, HRM has always been associated with the kind of people management that placed a great deal of emphasis on gaining the commitment of individual employees to organizational goals.
Confidence in and respect for our people as opposed to depending upon extensive rules, procedures and so on; which depends upon people to do their job right (individual freedom) without constant directives. (Gratton 1999, p. 109)
One needs to remember that HP is now known worldwide as a company that continually creates innovative products and processes. That is why HP wants to recruit not just the best people but those skilled and committed to work in an entrepreneurial team-based environment that breeds innovation. According to Dexter Dunphy (2002), the core approach that drives HP’s way in developing its human capital lie in the following strategies:
The above-mentioned strategies supposedly make it possible for HP to be able to quickly respond to the requirements of the market and the customers’ expectations. Such strategies are anchored on the development of enabling departmental structures like the utilization of smaller departments and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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