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Foundation of Human Resources Management - annotated bibliography - Essay Example

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It analyzes the role and functions of HRM in the context of global competition, advances in information technology, new knowledge, off-shoring, and an array of other changes that are forcing business organizations to…
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Foundation of Human Resources Management - annotated bibliography
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Extract of sample "Foundation of Human Resources Management - annotated bibliography"

Download file to see previous pages Are they redesigning their HR functions?, etc. The author goes on to show that without effective human capital, organizations are likely to have little or no revenue. The HR function can add value by adopting a control-and-audit role. But Lawler suggests that two other roles that HRM can take on allow it to add greater value. The first is the familiar human resources management role. The second is the role of business partner, which emphasizes developing systems and practices to ensure that a companys human resources have the needed competencies and motivation to perform effectively. Articulated in a clear and concise prose style, the book serves as a useful overview of HR functions.
This journal article by Hargis and Bradley delves into strategic aspects of HRM in upstarts. They argue that when entrepreneurs and business executives develop a business plan, they identify that a great line of products or services helps a company achieve, and sustain, a competitive advantage. They go on to cite the successful businesses such as Coyote Logistics, W.L. Gore and Associates and to make their case. They further suggest that successful managers also recognize the importance of efficiently managing their employees and developing their human resources. These firms clearly linked their human resource management practices to their competitive business model. When business leaders are able to align a strong competitive strategy with a well designed and strategically focused human resource system, it has the necessary foundation that brings customers in the door (or to their website) initially and gets them to come back for repeat business. The article is well written and offers key insights into the strategic role of HRM in fledgling businesses.
Role theory has been used effectively by researchers in the fields of psychology, social psychology, sociology, organization behaviour, and human resource management since the early ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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