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International Human Resources, Human Resources System of Apple(Mac) Co - Essay Example

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It starts with a discussion about the USA business culture. The next part recollects the theories in human resource management which includes recruitment, selection, training and development. The…
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International Human Resources, Human Resources System of Apple(Mac) Co
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"International Human Resources, Human Resources System of Apple(Mac) Co"

Download file to see previous pages At last the conclusion has articulated the findings about the human resource management system in Apple.
American culture put emphasis on the individual initiatives and achievements (Communicaid, American Culture – Key Concepts and Values). Self independence and confidence are highly recognised and appreciated in the working places where most of the businesses are carried out autonomously. The position of a person in The USA society is mostly influenced by his or her own achievement rather than his or her age or social status. So in advertisement for job vacancies, the USA companies can attract more qualified people by simply putting emphasis on their individual growth and remunerations.
The people in USA are mostly task centred and they prefer communication to be the exchange of facts, specific information and individual opinions. So to attract more people it is better to give some quantitative figures regarding growth, remuneration for the respective position. Apart from that, it would be great if the company can put its economical and financial state in quantitative and specific qualitative data. This transparent communication would be helpful for the potential candidates to fetch the required data for the company; and hence the proper communication with the prospective employees would help to attract, recruit and select the candidates. In United States the organisations need to communicate with a clear and transparent note, so that they raise enough trust in the prospective human resource pool. Some times these direct and straight forward communications are inappropriately interpreted by the people coming from different other regions and who are not much accustomed to this kind of explicit communication (Communicaid, American Culture – Key Concepts and Values).
The American business culture is based on the concept of equal opportunity for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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