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Research Proposal (Measure the relation between motivation and effective performance management) - Essay Example

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The purpose of this study is to determine direct correlation between performance management practices and the expected increase in employee motivation. To understand this relationship, it is vital to recognise conceptual ideas on the factors driving forward employee…
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Research Proposal (Measure the relation between motivation and effective performance management)
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Extract of sample "Research Proposal (Measure the relation between motivation and effective performance management)"

Download file to see previous pages Performance management, in the same context, is a human relations approach to organisational goal-setting which distributes company strategy and identifies employee productivity factors leading to employee discipline or reward.
There are, conceptually, five standard steps used in the performance management process that include communicating clear organisational goals, applying managerial practices that encourage employee performance, identifying actual performance levels, producing positive or negative outcomes to employee performance, and evaluating whether organisational goals can be met through the current level of employee productivity. It is proposed that a successful performance manager be aware of the circumstances that affect employee motivation from a psychological standpoint and apply a rather clinical methodology in distribution of productivity feedback for the employee targeted for increased motivation. Essentially, an organisation cannot meet its strategic goals without the assistance of employee talents, therefore, a performance managers role in satisfying employees needs directly impacts company outputs.
How does a performance manager, then, handle the role of satisfying employee needs without sacrificing organisational objectives? This study of performance management versus impact on employee motivation will first examine the psychological aspect of human nature by observing Abraham Maslows recognised Hierarchy of Needs. According to Maslow, each individual possesses five main principles that affect intrapersonal satisfaction. He proposes physiological needs (basic elements of survival) as a first step toward fulfilment. Following forward in motivation is the need for safety and security, moving next to love and belonging, then creating a positive self-image, and finally reaching a level of self-actualisation in which the person develops complete satisfaction with overall existence. Maslow ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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