Employees Motivation and Empowerment - Essay Example

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Employees Motivation and Empowerment.
The primary purpose of this discussion is to highlight the importance and usefulness of employee motivation and empowerment in the success and development of an organization…
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Employees Motivation and Empowerment
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Download file to see previous pages At the same time motivation has different facets that need to be analyzed for a better understanding over this concept. In the discussion, the role of motivation and empowerment, as important aspects of leadership has been underpinned in an illustrative and logical manner. The first part of the discussion highlights wide arrays of theories on motivation and empowerment along with understanding its positive and negative implications in the competitive business environment. It needs to be understood that every organization has different ways of empowering and motivating its employees based on organizational goals and objectives and understanding over the internal and external environment. The discussion encompasses these elements while defining the use, importance and relevance of the motivation and empowerment. The second part of the discussion highlights the motivation and empowerment practices prevailing in Google along with relating the discussed theories in the first part with the operational framework of Google. This has been done to understand the overall worthiness of these theories in one of the highly admired and desired organizations across the world. The second part of the discussion also relates the prevailing motivation and empowerment practices of Google with other organizations in order to analyze the global acceptance and appeal of these practices and theories in the global business environment. This will also help in understanding the overall importance of key concepts of employees motivation and empowerment. Employee’s Motivation “Academic theories about employee motivation, empowerment and performance are just that -theories. They are of little practical use to business leaders or their companies”. This sentence can be considered as quite true and practical in the context of the current business environment as leadership is intangible in nature with no clear definition. It is a quality that reflects in the behavior and attitude of leaders along with affecting the behavior and attitude of others within the organization (Adams, 1997 p- 287). Moreover, this statement requires proper understanding and analysis to identify whether these are only theories or have some practical implication within the organization. It is important to assess whether organizations mould their culture and behavior as per the written theories or identify new ways by understanding their sources and resources. For this purpose, wide arrays of theories on motivation has been studied and analyzed. Motivation is one of the highly complex topics in the management studies with a number of theories defining the actual purpose and importance of motivation. These theories can be considered as of great importance for managers and leaders to identify ways of improving employee’s commitment level and performance at work. Motivation can be defined as the influences and processes that either increases or decreases an individual’s desire to achieve personal and organizational goals in the short as well as in the long run. On the other hand, performance can be defined as fulfillment of tasks and responsibilities in a desired manner affecting the operational framework of an organization. It can be assumed that there is a close relationship between motivation and performance. If the motivational processes and influences help in increasing an individual’s desire to achieve mutual goals, it will positively affect his performance by extracting the best out of him in any kind of situations. Empowerment can be considered ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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