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Cellular PathologyTissue Processing, Staining and Observation - Essay Example

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Histological sections can be enumerated as a common procedure while studying tissue. The specimens were preserved in molten wax and placed in solid blocks once the histocentre was completed and examined. As the organs and the tissues are generally too thick it is a normal process to cut thin pieces to make them translucent and allow light to pass through them…
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Cellular PathologyTissue Processing, Staining and Observation
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Extract of sample "Cellular PathologyTissue Processing, Staining and Observation"

Download file to see previous pages A staining schedule of action was put into use and this concerned the usage of ovary cell of Chinese hamster. This was done because they develop as a single layer and when ever they are kept in close vicinity there is a tendency to fuse and join together. Two very different techniques of straining were used for straining the cells. These cells were firstly worked with acridine orange and fluorescent microscope was used for viewing. In the second process the cells were worked with eosin and hematoxylin and were examined under microscope with a bright field. The entire process of staining and growth of the cells was done under a secured parameter of the Leighton tube. However, it can be mentioned that the tissues require processing for the reason that by working out the details of processing the tissues would reveal an improved amount of detail.
The processing involves multiple steps that includes vital step of tissue water replacement with wax and the general format in the first stage is using the double stage. In this context the water removal process could be enumerated as the second stage and is specified as dehydration. Methol and ethanol alcohol is used in the next stages that include nucleic acids and proteins denaturing are involved along with chemical reactivity preservation with the addition molecule alteration. Shrinking comes into action with the use of alcohol and the tissues become brittle. To prevent this limited and several alcohol baths can be used with clearing agents like xylene and touleune. Specimen shrinkage can also be decreased by embedding them into resin.
Embedding Centre
Aromatic polyhydroxy methacrylates
HEMA or Glycolmethacrylate
Cellulose tetranitrate or Celloidin
Polyester or Ester and wax
Wax soluble in water
Low viscosity nitrocellulose or LVN Plastic resins
- Tissues that freezes slowly
- Advanced freeze cabinet is used for freezing tissues
- Thermoelectric module is used for freezing tissues.
- Methods of Rapid freezing
- Evaporating liquid used for freezing fast
- Carbon dioxide cooling system
- Cooling system with the use of frozen carbon dioxide
- Liquid nitrogen cooling system
While diagnosing tumours Cryostat sections are a preferable element and are a typical procedure in production of histological sections.
Bright field Microscope
It can be enumerated that the principal of staining is used because in general terms the larger number of tissues are basically colourless and that is the reason this method is used for identifying them. Eosin behaves at par with acidic dyes while Haematoxylin acts like a v in basic state. Both these elements tend to develop salt or electrostatic linkages with tissues that are ionized radicals. It should be mentioned that the acidophilic tissues are those who are attracted towards acid dye and on the other hand basophilic are the ones who acts with basic dyes. Haematoxylin is instrumental in staining the tissue components that are basophilic in nature and the reaction yields a dye purple. One such example is the nucleus. The reason behind this lies in the fact that the compositions are made up with acid glycoproteins, glycosaminoglycans and nucleic acids. On the other hand cytoplasm pink is stained by eosin because ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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