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Delegation of Tasks - Essay Example

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When an individual occupies a superior position, in the hierarchy of the organisation, it is not possible to perform each and every task under one's responsibility, all by oneself. While supervision of the work functions can be carried out and guidance and support can be offered, enacting out every role is an uphill task…
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Delegation of Tasks
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Extract of sample "Delegation of Tasks"

Download file to see previous pages This will not only decrease the workload on a particular individual, but also help develop decision-making abilities and a more responsible outlook, amongst one's team of subordinates.
Delegating workloads is a prime authority that comes with position. When one delegates a particular task, one needs to keep in mind, the capacity of your subordinate who would be delegating the task assigned by you. Analysing whether or not he is capable of doing justice to the piece of work, will help avoid workload mismanagement. In addition to this, a clear line of communication must prevail, since your subordinates need to comprehend what exactly you expect out of them and how the particular task needs to be handled. A combination of capability and communication transforms delegation of work into an easy task. Here is an analysis on what could be the varied criteria, requisites and guidelines one has to keep in mind, before delegating tasks:
It is but obvious that one needs to share control over the tasks delegated, with the subordinate assigned to perform the tasks. One may feel insecure about one's authority getting diluted or worried if the task delegated will be completed as perfectly as one would deal with it. In such cases, one needs to ensure that one spells out each and every step one would adopt, in completing the task, to one's subordinate. This way, they would utilise the same knowledge in future tasks. You can still retain your hold by supervising their work processes at regular stages.
Catering Information:
Delegation translates into meaning that one trusts one's subordinate to make effective usage of his decision-making abilities. It signifies that their decision- making abilities must be of a superior quality and therefore, access to information is the key here. Only factual, error-free and clear information can aid rightful decision-making. This information can be in the form of interpersonal exchanges, company information or even information obtained from the computer and the web. This way, communication is not hurdled and tasks are carried out with equal managerial expertise.
Pragmatic Approach:
As an employee occupying an authoritative position, one needs to realise that not all employees at varied levels have the same level of knowledge or for that matter, the technical know-how. You need to explain how exactly a particular procedure needs to be followed, along with the detailed explanation of the steps. This way, there will be no miscommunication or miscomprehension. Therefore, making allowance for those with lack of knowledge about your own specialisations or work processes is integral to raise the confidence levels of those involved with carrying out your delegations.
As the delegating authority, one tends to get too involved with the project you delegate and thus, appear readily ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Delegation of Tasks Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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