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Lean Learn Outcome - Assignment Example

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It entails the extra work done by employees to ensure that they deliver the required products. On this regard, the employees in the case study have to bend, turn and lift…
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Lean Learn Outcome
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Extract of sample "Lean Learn Outcome"

Lean Learn Outcome a) Identify the existing and potential sources of waste in the case. Motion Upon a thorough analysisof the case study, it has become clear that motion is an existing source of waste. It entails the extra work done by employees to ensure that they deliver the required products. On this regard, the employees in the case study have to bend, turn and lift as they execute the manufacturing operations (Palevich, 2012).
It is vital to note that defects is an existing source of waste in the case study. It always occurs that some of the products do not come out as earlier planned and thus end up as a waste to a company (Palevich, 2012). The case reports that the scrape rate for each operation stands at 10%. Hence, this is a crucial source of waste in the case study.
Over processing
Over processing involves the extra operations such as reprocessing or rework on products mainly due to the fact that there are defects. To the case study, this is also a potential source of waste as at any time the effects of defects can be experienced (Palevich, 2012).
Since inventory in the case turns twice yearly, it is clear that it is also an existing source of waste. That is, it is not directly required for the fulfillment of customer orders (Palevich, 2012).
Transport waste refers to the unnecessary movement of production materials from one place to another. It is an existing source of waste in the case. This is because the employees at the company usually have to transfer raw materials from one point to another in the company (Palevich, 2012).
This entails the inactivity periods that a company experiences in a downstream process. It usually occurs because of untimely delivery of output by an upstream activity. As seen in the case study, this is an existing source of waste particularly in delivering goods to customers (Palevich, 2012).
This refers to the under utilization of employee capabilities. It also includes delegation of tasks while employees have undergone inadequate training. As indicated in the case study, the annual employee turnover stands at only 25%. Thus, skills is an existing source of waste in the case (Palevich, 2012).
b) For one or more of the sources of waste identified in part a) write a one paragraph description of what you would do as Operations Manager to reduce or eliminate this waste. It consequently results into excessive production of products along with excess costs for inventory carrying.
As the operations manager, I would apply a well-organized approach towards reduction and elimination of skills as a source of waste. As indicated earlier, waste in skills is experienced due to under utilization of employee capabilities. It is also caused by inadequate training of employees and yet delegating tasks to them. On this regard, I will begin by coming up with a clear outline of the tasks expected for each job position in delivering maximal organization goals. This will be followed by a clarified explanation of the professional skills and experiences required for a particular position. This will guarantee that, each of the workers’ capabilities are perfectly utilized in delivering the best for a specific job position and in meeting the company goals at large. Lastly, I will organize adequate training activities for a predefined set of operational tasks at the company (Palevich, 2012).
Palevich, R. (2012). The lean sustainable supply chain: How to create a green infrastructure with lean technologies. Upper Saddle River, N.J: FT Press. Read More
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Lean Learn Outcome Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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