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Lean Six Sigma - Essay Example

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Variation is Evil", said Jack Welch the CEO of General Electric in 1998. His statement was a result of the lack of consistency in order to delivery times for General Electric. His statement essentially meant that time is nearly as important a metric as is quality…
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Lean Six Sigma
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Extract of sample "Lean Six Sigma"

Download file to see previous pages Although Lean manufacturing and Six Sigma have been practiced for several decades now, Lean Six Sigma itself is a relatively new initiative being followed by companies worldwide. Whereas Six Sigma is focused on reducing variation and improving process yield using statistical tools, Lean is primarily concerned with eliminating waste by following a defined approach to implement various Lean principles. Lean brings action and intuition to the table; Six Sigma uses statistical tools to uncover root causes and provide metrics; Lean Six Sigma is a combination of both and provides the tools to create ongoing business improvement (Smith, 2003). The synergy of Lean and Six Sigma bring in the advantages of both, achieving results consistently superior than what either system could achieve alone.
Lean Six Sigma is different from Six Sigma in the sense that it marries the principles of both Lean manufacturing and Six Sigma concepts to produce a much enhanced system. Six Sigma is a process for eliminating defects and variation through the development of a disciplined data driven approach. However Six Sigma alone cannot dramatically improve process speed or reduce invested capital. Although it can bring a process under statistical control, variations will still exist in terms of delivery times, assembly times, routings, etc. Incorporating Lean principles within the Six Sigma framework enhances speed and quality by improving and streamlining the processes and creating excellent customer service. According to Badurdeen (2008), "to get to Lean Six Sigma an organization should first incorporate Six Sigma into their process improvement and then engage in Lean Six Sigma to speed up the processes after the systems have been broken down into smaller components".
Selecting the Right Team
As such, rightsizing Lean Six Sigma teams should be the first priority for businesses that want to ensure the success of 'Lean' projects and realize the full potential of such projects. Some of the factors that characterize an efficient Lean Six Sigma Team are:
High level of efficient communications amongst implementers, management officials and other entities associated with the 'Lean' project.
The team members are accountable since decisions and actions taken by the team can be traced back to individual members.
Team works with a reduced cost of operations because the lesser the numbers, the less will be the amount of resources used for performing the same tasks and duties
The team constantly strives in increasing efficiency in solving complex problems and issues and employees know the exact person to contact if they encounter problems during the implementation phase
The team shows less chance of conflicts and ego issues.
One way we evaluate the success of a Lean Six Sigma initiative or strategy is to measure the involvement in LeanSix Sigma by way of numbers of people involved, i.e., numbers trained, practicing, certified, etc.
DMAIC is a standard improvement model; it is a structured, disciplined and rigorous approach to process improvement consisting of 5 logically interlinked phases. The 5 phases are discussed in the following section (George, 2002).
Define: This is the first step which aims at clarifying the goals and value of a project. A set of tools such ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Thus, we could say that EA deals with the structure and processes of the business and the methods and tools that model and evaluate the structure and processes by producing architectural descriptions of the enterprise.
Whereas Information Architecture and System Oriented IT Architecture are models that deal with specific areas of the enterprise, EA is a more...
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Ineffective implementations, a greater part of Six Sigma projects is chosen for the evaluative bottom-line customer effect that is accomplished within two to six months (Bertels 2003). The projects conveyed through the use of an organized set of statistical instruments and process improvement strategies through the well-educated and well-trained workforce in an organization that has made it definite that Six Sigma is a career enhancement (ibid).

In business people’s dealings, they see companies perceiving Six Sigma in two ways, namely as an aggregate of powerful instruments for enhancing processes and products and as a framework for enhancing both the process-and-people-associated features of business performance....
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...Martin Dynamic Capabilities ……………………….…….. 14 Figures Figure 1 – Six Sigma Process Improvement Visualization …..…………………. 8 Figure 2 – Lockheed Martin Six Sigma Process Overview ……………………. 12 A. Lean Six Sigma Thinking Six Sigma represents a management approach to business that was developed by the Motorola Corporation that holds the trademark to the phrase and concept (Hayes, 2004). While Motorola developed Six Sigma in terms of improvement regarding the quality of services and products, it was Toyota Corporation that contributed to the facets of...
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