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The paper 'The Social Media to Search Candidates for Vacancies' presents the employers who use social media to search candidates for vacancies. Many of the employers use social media to look for prospective candidates for positions. The author says that it's easy and a cheap way of screening people…
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The Social Media to Search Candidates for Vacancies
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The author will also be keen on my communication skills. In addition, I will liaise with my previous employers to post a good reference for myself. Marketing will involve listing all the accolades and awards that I have received before.
Additionally, I learned the way students use social media as a medium to look for networking for jobs. Most students use social media by completing their profile for the entire site they join and posting their diverse content online. Here my marketing plan will involve completing my profile for each site that I access. I will also post diverse content on my sires like quotes, recommendation, and things I observed. Another marketing plan is subscribing to follow industry leaders and companies in finance. Subsequently, I will stay posted on the privacy setting and new features on finance (Waldman, 6).
Increasingly, I learned the fundamentals and basic of how one needs to use the LinkedIn. LinkedIn site is used in managing the professional identity of a person. The site is a first search result, important to update and use, and quite different from the normal Facebook in terms of their connection and profile management. My marketing plan on this case will involve building my profile and locate internship and entry-level finance jobs on the site. First, I will start networking with my friends and family and search for common grounds in finance. Read More
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