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Recruitment and selection - Essay Example

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Name of student: Topic: Lecturer: Date of Presentation: Section 1: Personnel Requirements for Job Vacancies Human resource planning is crucial in all organisations that wish to a gain competitive advantage. It ensures that human resource requirements of an organisation are identified and that plans are made for satisfying the requirements (Armstrong, 2010, p.190)…
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Recruitment and selection
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Download file to see previous pages The process of recruitment begins with job analysis which entails collecting information about the job through tools such as questionnaires and interviews to ensure the right employees are hired for right jobs (Mullins, 2010). The results of job analysis are then used to design a job description and person specification. The job description shows the activities, duties or tasks to be undertaken while the person specification shows the requirements of the job holder and is the basis for selection (Searle, 2003). The job at hand is that of a social worker in the healthcare sector. The job description entails: providing care and interventions to promote health, conducting patient education, making patient referrals, organising support groups and counselling family members and also collaborating with other professionals so as to evaluate the condition of patients. They are also entrusted with disease prevention and ensuring access to healthcare. The person is expected to collect and record information in written and electronic form concerning patients, analyse information and interpret results and ensuring it complies with standards. The person to be recruited as social worker needs to have at least a bachelor’s degree in social sciences and possess the following skills: good negotiation skills, be an active listener, be good at written and oral communication, and good in making decisions and judgements and good time management skills. The person should have knowledge in psychology, proficiency in the English language, knowledge of the law and government regulations as well as agency rules, knowledge in therapy and counselling, and good interpersonal skills. The knowledge of clerical duties such as keeping records and designing forms is an added advantage. The person should also be of high integrity and have great concern for others. He/she should be able to exercise self-control, be cooperative and be able to work under stress. Section 2: How Employment Legislation Affects Recruitment While recruiting potential candidates, it is important to take into consideration the employment laws in place to avoid unlawful discrimination. The current employment law under Equality Act 2010 enforced by Equal Employment Opportunity Commission prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender, sex, race, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation and nationality (EHRC, 2013). This is aimed at ensuring equal opportunity in employment for all. It is very essential for the healthcare organisation to follow these laws while designing application forms or advertising jobs to attract potential candidates to avoid litigations which may destroy the reputation of the company as well as cause additional costs such as intervention fee to the company (HSE, 2013). For example, while putting an advert for a social worker, an age limit should not be stipulated unless it is objectively justifiable. The Equality and Human Rights Commission added new provisions to the Equality Act 2010 extending a ban on age discrimination to cover services, and this has implication for social care workers. They cannot differentiate in treatment of service users in different age groups unless it is objectively justified (EHRC, 2013). Organisations are liable to third party offenders; hence, they must make sure to recruit individuals who can obey the law. In most cases, social work is considered to be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Recruitment and Selection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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