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How Is Internet Recruitment Changing the World of Hiring - Research Paper Example

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This paper examines how internet recruitment is changing the world of hiring. The paper analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of the variant types of web-platforms where both sides - job vacancies and job seekers - meet: job portals, company’s websites and professional networking sites…
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How Is Internet Recruitment Changing the World of Hiring
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Extract of sample "How Is Internet Recruitment Changing the World of Hiring"

Download file to see previous pages The search features of the job portals permit the job seekers to find jobs with specific requirements and experiences. Such search results can present suitable jobs for the job seeker and save time browsing through hundreds of job advertisements.
Job seekers can benefit from detailed job descriptions of vacant positions that are posted on the web. The details can help the applicants judge their aptness for the position. The absence of details in other mediums gives the applicant counterfeit hopes about getting the position. On the contrary, the availability of the job descriptions gives him a pragmatic position of his chances of getting the job.
Job seekers tend to rely on the online postings of job vacancies to such a great extent that they tend to disregard other mediums.
The process of applying for a position has become so easy that applicants tend to apply for vacancies that might not even totally comply with their skills and experiences. The excessive number of job applications for a post may result in overshadowing a deserving and experienced applicant. “Hire for attitude, train for skills” is a well-known approach adopted by employers. This approach directs the employers to evaluate the potential and caliber of the individuals. The impersonal mode of internet recruitment does not provide an opportunity for the analysis of the personality and confidence of the individual unless the applicant is called for a personal interview in the later stages of the recruitment process.
Job advertisements on the web prove to be cost-effective for companies since they cost much lesser than the advertisements in the newspapers. Job posting can be visible on the websites as soon as the companies send their requests to the job portals. On the contrary, newspaper advertisements do not appear in the newspapers immediately. This reduces the duration of recruitment activities since there is no gap between the request for posting and the actual publishing of the advertisement. The following graph shows the results of a survey that aimed to evaluate the job advertisements budgets of different organizations.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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