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Job study report - Essay Example

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This report focuses on mechanical engineering career field; mechanical engineering entails the provision of efficient and effective solutions on production processes. This field of engineering entails the design of machinery, plants and vehicles according to the needs of our day to day life.
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Job study report
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Extract of sample "Job study report"

JOB STUDY REPORT INTRODUCTION: This report focuses on mechanical engineering career field; mechanical engineering entails the provision of efficient and effective solutions on production processes. This field of engineering entails the design of machinery, plants and vehicles according to the needs of our day to day life.
The aim of this report is to establish the roles and activities involved in mechanical engineering career line, another objective of this report is to provide an overview on various organisations and their working environments relating to the field of mechanical engineering.
This report focuses on oil drilling companies and the work of a mechanical engineer, the extraction of oil requires the presence of a mechanical engineer in order to facilitate the maintenance of the various machinery uses in the process. Many of the companies involved in the process of oil drilling need to have not only mechanical engineers but also civil engineers, exploration engineers and petroleum engineers.
The main work in the oil drilling process includes installing and maintenance of machinery,1 therefore the main tasks in this oil company is to install machinery with the assistance from other engineers and also the maintenance of this machines.
The work of a mechanical engineer is generally broken down into the following stages:
Research and development- this entails the development of new engineering solutions through research.
Design - involves the developing of new or already existing processes or products.
Production- this stage involves the development of a more production process.

The general personal qualities that should be observed include:
Being reliable and responsible - this involves taking responsibility for ones share of work and also for any mistake one commits. This means that a person should carefully attend to his or her share of work that has been assigned.
Addressing work in an organised way- this involves listening carefully to superiors, allowing enough time for each part of the job and requesting assistance if need be.
Listening carefully- workers should listen carefully to instructions given and learn to pay attention to the task at hand.
Constructive and supportive attitude- workers should have a supportive attitude and also they should be interested in learning, they should treat their co workers and superiors with respect and understanding.
Build positive relationships- workers should form positive relationship with work mates, they should be ready to listen to others and this helps to solve problems.2
Apart from the above mentioned personal qualities there is need to have good communication skills and this aids in enhancing communication within the organisation, there is also the need for one to be academically qualified from a recognised institution because the minimum requirements by most organisation is a bachelors degree. The other important things to observe are the organisations rules and regulation.
This organisations or companies provide very competitive salary packages and allowances which include transport allowances, house allowance and also hardship allowance for those working in hostile conditions and environments, also there exist a published minimum wage payable to an employee and each job position has its own specified salary package.
Generally there are no so called frustrations in this jobs, however there are exist hardships where one has to work overtime when need be and also one has to sign an employment agreement which states that an employee can work anywhere in the country.
The minimum entry requirement for this job is a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering; however a master's degree is an added advantage to an applicant. Other companies will ensure that an applicant has the required work experience depending on the job description, however most companies will employ applicants and then retrain them in particular fields.
There is a possibility of career development in these organisations, once you are employed, the more you attend to your roles properly and efficiently the greater the possibility that you will get promoted. Promotion is based on academic qualifications and experience, therefore education advancement that enhances working knowledge and skills will lead to career advancement.
The official websites of these organisations always indicates vacancies when they occur; also the labour market is informed of any vacancies through the print media. However the best way to check for vacancies is visiting the official websites of these organisations.
The oil drilling industry provides a large proportion of employment to mechanical engineers; it not only provides employment in the oil fields but also in the oil refinery plants. They provide very competitive salaries and wages and often provide a good venue for career advancement.
Graduate Prospects Ltd (2006) engineering and mechanical engineering, retrieved on 14th February, available at
Douglas McGregor (1960) The Human Side of Enterprise, McGraw Hill publishers, New York. Read More
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