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Promotional Plan of TelePacific - Essay Example

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This study is all about the promotional strategy of TelePacific Communications which would help in creating awareness about its products amongst the target customers. …
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Promotional Plan of TelePacific
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Extract of sample "Promotional Plan of TelePacific"

Download file to see previous pages The organization needs to have an effective promotional plan in place to increase its profitability, growth and sustainability in the future. Promotion is the only way to communicate the message of the marketer to its target customers. There are various media vehicles to do so, but it is important for the TelePacific Communications to analyze the most effective media vehicle of the state or country in which it is launching or expanding its business. A promotional message, advertisements and a one year media plan of TelePacific Communications has been has been discussed in this study. Message The overall marketing message for the promotional plant of TelePacific would be that the services offered by the company provides fast internet access to its customers along with other additional unique features included in it and TelePacific is committed towards offering high quality customized services for its clients according to their specific needs and requirements. Advertisements Advertising industry is considered to be the most exciting, creative, challenging and rewarding industry. It is unique in nature because everything is open to the world and people can see it and respond accordingly (Duncan, 2005, p. 1). Advertisements are primarily meant to have an influence in the behaviors and attitudes of people that would result in favoring the organization and its products (Janoschka, 2004, p. 12). It is necessary for a company like TelePacific that its approach towards promotion and advertising should be designed in such a way that it helps in building strong customer relationships, and creating brand awareness amongst people through integrated marketing communication (IMC). TelePacific needs to design and plan for its promotional activities in such a way which would help the organization not only to expand its customer base but also to retain its valuable existing customers. It should be able to communicate to its customers the differentiating factors incorporated in its products and services which are unavailable in the products and services offered by any other companies in the market. In a nutshell it needs to strengthen its competitive advantage in the market through all its promotional efforts using various means of advertising through different media. The company has to advertise its website using those advertising media through proper blend of traditional and digital options. The top two products or services that have been identified for TelePacific include its voice services and data networking services. The company has a competitive advantage over its competitors on these two services offered by them. Hence, the promotional activities and the corresponding advertisements need to be focused on these two services. Various media can be utilized by the company to advertise its services. The company needs to promote its website to create awareness amongst people about its different types of services and products with its primary focus on the two services as mentioned before. The advertisements will be as such that it would help to promote its services through cross-selling between digital and traditional options. Two such advertising options for the company which would help to advertise its website includes an advertisement in a magazine (Figure - 1), and advertising in the form of a banner (Figure - 2). Apart from Nevada and California, TelePacific is planning to expand its business at Texas as well. Hence, its promotional activities will be primarily focused on its target customers based on Texas. It would also help to retain its existing customers at Nevada and Califo ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Promotional Plan of TelePacific Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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