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Cultural Dimensions of Contemporary Leadership - Essay Example

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This essay "Cultural Dimensions of Contemporary Leadership" critically reviews an interview by Opoku Danquah, with Dr. Senge embarking on organizational dynamics, generational leadership and culture. Included will be the social dimensions taken in the Globe study…
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Cultural Dimensions of Contemporary Leadership
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Extract of sample "Cultural Dimensions of Contemporary Leadership"

To begin with, Dr Senge suggests incorporating a reactive management cultural dimension, this is the initial level that is common to all businesses to ensure a balance in both the long and short term operations. He alludes that this dimension allows leaders to tackle the almost continual flows of crises eased by the easy way to develop and implement it. This secures the organization from the current turbulent working environment.
He also takes the perspective that the management ought to think over varying perspectives, multi-dimensional, especially in the energy business. He provides an example and fact that the energy industry has been known to be traditionally embracing extended time horizons which would be crucial in the long term perception. This is strength identifiable after long cycles of investment given that developing new assets normally stretch over multiple periods and thus the importance of this dimension is realized. The approach solves the query “Where do we really want to be in three to five decades?”(Peter) planning and forecasting are eased.
After breaking down any system to view it as a family, one can realize the facts in the social and human systems that assist in rationalizing all entities in it given the absence of relation to the analysis but rather relatable to habits. He took the habitual dimensions as a culture crucial in social systems, both action and thought oriented. He reminds his audience that things are done in a particular procedure because that’s how they are found. This can be considered as a mental modeling establishment that is strongly manipulated by the future changes involved in this dynamic market. Most industries just want a technical solution.
Identity is the other cornerstone as a dimension to a competitive culture that has its key ability to evolving. Conversing is the door to adapting to any changes. Employees assured of a core identity readily learn, experiment and adapt. Companies will have a longer life span if indulged into openness given that afterwards tolerance to persons deviating with the organization's view, expound to a new market, technology, products and maybe business models too. Management of the tension characterizes component social dimensions. Dr. Senge gave examples of mergers with smaller companies where the parent company locks out what they could learn to avoid adapting to this change.
A culture of enriching and diversifying an industry’s mindset can be achieved by positioning the future filled with uncertainty, through involving influential leaders to safeguard the future of the dynamic energy industry. Say like natural gas has become a reliable alternative, you need people experienced to lead such big projects as a futuristic plan. Consider expanding to other fossil energy sources to provide these services under one roof for any client. This enrichment and diversification dimension will only be realizable on consideration of leadership shifts while considering the past occurrences in this context. Read More
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