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Personal and Managerial Effectiveness (PME) Resit Assignment - Essay Example

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The personnel employed in contemporary organizations tend to differ in age, gender, ethnicity, race, colour, mental ability and religious beliefs. Diversity is…
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Personal and Managerial Effectiveness (PME) Resit Assignment
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Extract of sample "Personal and Managerial Effectiveness (PME) Resit Assignment"

Download file to see previous pages In the recent times there has been a tremendous surge in the analysis and study of diversity and Geert Hofstede happens to be an important diversity expert who propounded the concept of dimensions of national culture that could have a tremendous impact and influence on the management of modern day organizations and institutions. The paper tends to explore and understand the managerial implications of Hofstede’s dimensions of national culture and extends pragmatic recommendations that could yield effective diversity management within organizations.
There is no denying the fact that at one time most of the professionals in the UK, are they doctors, engineers or managers had two things in common that are they happened to be mostly white and male. However, in a contemporary context, the constitution of the British work force happens to be quite different. The workforce employed in the British institutions and organizations predominantly happens to be diverse, multicultural and heterogeneous. In a larger context each and every individual on the planet earth tends to be different. However, in an organizational context, when it comes to managerial implications, the eventual success of a group depends to a large extent on the individual team members’ ability to handle the conflicts and differences arising owing to diversity. In that context, the concept of cultural dimensions propounded by Geert Hofstede happens to be of immense importance and relevance. Before grappling with the managerial implications of the concept of cultural dimensions, it would be more pragmatic to have an insight into the concept of culture. Cultures is mostly a learned notion and broadly speaking it pertains to the essential, values, norms and beliefs that impact the behaviour of a large pool of people. Besides, culture happens to be an immensely complex notion in the sense that within a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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