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Are there innate differences between women and men - Research Paper Example

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Innate Differences between Women and Men Name: University: Abstract The issue of gender differences has been contentious for a long time with feminists trying to prove that there are no differences between men and women. This paper will focus on assessing innate differences between men and women…
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Are there innate differences between women and men
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"Are there innate differences between women and men"

Download file to see previous pages Some of the areas that many people have posited men to be smatter than women include the field of science and mathematics and physical mightiness. However, feminists tend to disagree with such deliberations, citing that men and women are equal by nature, and that the only differences are as a result of how the society deals with women differently from men. The rationale for the differences While researching on the root cause of the differences between men and women, studies have attributed the differences to the fact that men’s brains are built differently from women brains. Men’s left and right brain hemispheres are linked by less neurons than are women’s. In addition, women brains are networked while me’s brains are compartmentalized (Greene, 2008). Studies have shown that men are aggressive, women are passive, in regard to personality, even if they are both intelligent. However, in many societies, men dominate especially in many areas of leadership positions. Studies have also documented that, for example, at an average age of six years, boys have about 7 percent more vital energy than girls of the same age. In fact, as they grow, at an age of 13 or 14, boys have 35 % more than girls. Biologically, the main male hormone is testosterone, while that of female ones is an estrogen and progesterone (Jacklin & Maccoby1987). In light with this, it is widely contented that as boys continue to grow, they start taking the personality of physique of a man while girls increase traits of a woman. In another dimension, some cultural theorists believe that the differences seen between men and women are as a result of socialization, not biological. In their argument, women are conditioned to meet men’s conditioned thus they tend to accept a patriarchal structure (Fritz, 2004). Although feminist theorists tend to be united in their view of gender differences, they argue that this should not be equated with women inferiority. Behavior, which is considered to be dysfunctional by the society, is a reflection of less privileged minorities, such as women. The environment Many feminist theories are person-in-environment oriented. The major point of focus is on interaction between personal traits and surrounding. In fact, this is what is taken to mean that politically, these differences exist between men and women are. This is attributed to the interrelationship between different events on private and public sectors. In light with this, some feminists believe that the future can witness a genderless society because it is apparent that the traits labeled to be masculine and feminine are as a result of social construct, which is a custom that is derived right from childhood as children grow (Carroll, 2010). For example, little girls are introduced to cuddly dolls and gossip while little boys are encouraged to play with other boys mostly on games that signify on superiority and leadership traits. In addition, however, differences noted as being contributed to human biology are responsible for the inequality between men and women, which are exhibited in all societies (Riley & Clausen, 1972). A further example is that men, in almost all cultures are take part in warfare, which is an indication that they possess biologically based traits of aggression than women. However, not all researchers agree with such arguments. According to Shaffer (2009), some believe that the level of aggressiveness varies widely between ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Are There Innate Differences Between Women and Men Research Paper)
Are There Innate Differences Between Women and Men Research Paper. https://studentshare.org/gender-sexual-studies/1457806-are-there-innate-differences-between-women-and-men.
“Are There Innate Differences Between Women and Men Research Paper”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/gender-sexual-studies/1457806-are-there-innate-differences-between-women-and-men.
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