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According to the research findings, McCoy’s parable attempts to explain to the people of the corporate world and to outsiders that people in the leadership role, specifically by virtue of their position, are faced with ethical dilemmas on a regular basis. …
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The Parable of the Sadhu
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Download file to see previous pages It is evidently clear from the discussion that extensive surveys and research have indicated the requirement of continuous commitment, enforcement, and modeling of leadership along with defined policies of ethical, legal, and sociocultural conduct can reinforce morality and ethics to a large extent. McCoy’s contemplation on the ethical dilemma experienced during his travel to Nepal and the Himalayas, along with a group of travelers belonging to different nationalities and cultures, draws attention to the reasons and causes that influence human behavior during different situations and different places with similar situations. Although organizations attempt, by large, to define expected codes of conduct in ethical, legal and sociocultural perspectives and specific to the nature of the organizational business, in general ethics cannot be defined. As rightly pointed by Dewey, ethics is not confined to only ‘doing the right thing,’ and is a ‘reflective conduct.’ McCoy’s dilemma expressed in this narration is also on similar grounds, encompassing different leadership behaviors and reasons shaping these specific behaviors. Based on individual behaviors, the three-dimensional leadership theory was proposed, and each style was defined based on the traits exhibited by the leaders. The 3 leadership styles include autocratic, democratic and Laissez-faire leadership. Applying autocratic leadership style in the context of the abandoned Sadhu in the Himalayas, if one traveler assumed the role of autocratic leader, he could have made decisions on his own as to how best the Sadhu could have been taken care of. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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