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Personal Reflection Paper - Essay Example

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These qualities discredit the act of abandoning sadhu to die on Himalayas when there are villages at the foot of the mountain. If I was…
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Personal Reflection Paper
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Extract of sample "Personal Reflection Paper"

Reflection: The Parable of Sadhu Using one value that you would never violate (family happiness), what would you do if you were McCoy on the Himalayan hike?
According to your lecture, the qualities that define a person include responsibility, love, respect, understanding and conscience among others. These qualities discredit the act of abandoning sadhu to die on Himalayas when there are villages at the foot of the mountain. If I was McCoy on a mountain climbing expedition to the Himalayas and I valued family happiness, I would make a decision of moving Sadhu to the nearest village where he can get warmth and food to regain his life. As a man who value family happiness and like to share life with other people, I would make it my responsibility that corporate goals do not prevent the practice of ethical values. Life is more valuable than mountain climbing expedition. Therefore, leaving sadhu to die for the sake of accomplishing corporate goals is against the moral standards of the society. Moreover, human beings ought to learn to promote feelings for each other to be able to offer a helping hand in similar circumstances instead of letting our ambitions make us selfish.
What have you learned from the article: The Parable of Sadhu?
The parable of sadhu has revealed a lot about the character of the corporate. Firstly, the parable reveals how corporate members of society are self-centered, irresponsible and selfish. They refute the qualities that constitute a person who ought to share life with the rest as stated in your lecture. Secondly, it also shows how corporate members are ungrateful to the society that defines their existence. The mountain climbers such as McCoy have had great time learning about the cultural practices of the native people. When they find one of the natives on the verge of death on higher, frozen slopes of Himalayas, they pass responsibility, leaving the old sadhu to fight for his own life1. The parable also reveals irresponsibility of the corporate members to the society. Each corporate member views such individuals as sadhu as burden and cannot take initiative to care for them. The corporate values material things in place of moral values. The climbers emphasized that they indeed helped the sadhu with clothes and food and, therefore, did enough as far as helping a stranger is concerned2. They argued that Sadhu was a stranger and according to them, they did enough that they could.
How would you apply the lessons of the story as a corporate world manager?
Firstly, I would revive the role of corporate to the society. The corporate has evaded their duties owed to the society in which they thrive. They exploit the society yet they do very little at sustaining it for the future. I would restore the responsibility that the corporate owe to the society. I would, according to the directives given in the lecture, ensure that the corporate is guided by ethics and high moral standards. It is seen that a group of foreign visitors come to enjoy the culture of the natives found near the Himalayas3. They, however, fail to carry out one of the vital duties of corporate of conserving the local culture for the future. The group failed to implement sustainability, which is the main reason in promoting business. Secondly, I would pay back to the community by organizing charity. The case of Sadhu points out to the need to put up charity schemes in such societies as that which sadhu emanates. The society is faced with danger of extinction from poverty yet the future generation would like to learn about these cultures. The presence of low earners in the society call for the need to put up charity schemes to help them live. Thirdly, I would preserve culture that drives the interest of the corporate business. The trip to Himalayas was benefited by the culture of the local inhabitants. Moreover, the porters that helped the visitors to climb the mountain were derived from the local population. In this view, the society has helped the corporate achieve their objectives. Therefore, it is in order that the local inhabitants are given reasonable form of aid. One way of showing appreciation would be caring for the sadhu and the society from which he emanates would express satisfaction. Moreover, I would champion the responsibility owed to the society in which we live. By supporting the lives of low class members of society, the corporate would be exercising its calling to be responsible for the society that supports it.
Ogden, Utah. The Parable of Sadhu. Western State Univerity, 1983. Read More
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Personal Reflection Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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