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Personal Code of Conduct - Research Paper Example

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Personal Code of Professional Conduct Name: Institutional Affiliation: Introduction The personal code of professional conduct will help in directing commitment towards the key areas of service delivery, including patient care, research, education and training…
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Personal Code of Conduct
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Download file to see previous pages Some of the key areas where the patient first ethic is relevant are through interactions with workmates, patients, the public, other healthcare services professionals and student trainees. Through the conduct, adherence to relevant rules and regulations will be a priority, management and decision making and impartiality in service will be core determinants of service delivery (Tuckett, 2004). The code will offer a standard of review, which will guide the course of service delivery – correcting errors where they occur and in pointing out areas with deficiencies, which can hinder the quality of care delivered. Personal Commitments The first provision of the ANA code for nurses requires the nurse, through all professional relations to work respectfully and compassionately, for the ultimate worth, dignity and the uniqueness of all, without regard to economic or social status, physical characteristics or the kind of health problems (ANA, 2011). This implies that the service delivered to different patients should not be discriminatory to any group, and compassion and respect should be offered to all. Deriving from this provision, I will offer healthcare services to all patients in a compassionate and respectful manner, without consideration of their social, cultural or physical characteristics. ...
This provision directs that the nurse is admitted into healthcare services delivery to offer care to serve patients of all kinds (ANA, 2011). In observing this provision, I will always overlook all competing tasks, to serve the different patients that seek my service. One case when I exercised this provision was a case when I faced the option of leaving the office for home, but a patient came in requesting for immediate service. During the situation, I took time and attended to him, which took me an hour, before I left the office. The third provision states that the nurse holds the duty of promoting, advocating for and striving to safeguard the safety, health and the rights of the patient (ANA, 2011). This provision directs that the nurse hold the responsibility of working towards the safety, health and ensuring that the rights of the different patients are respected, by themselves as healthcare providers and others. This implies that they can report a situation that compromises the rights or the health of patients to respective agencies like courts. One case during my service at the plastic surgeon’s office, which required me to exercise this provision, was a case, when a patient who had been operated on – by a quark practitioner – came to the office. After attending to him, I evaluated the injuries caused and presented the reports to the police, following which they started the search for the quark practitioner. The fourth provision states that the nurse is answerable for individual nursing care and influences the suitable delegation of roles in ways that are in consistency to the obligation of the nurse, to offer the best care to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Personal Code of Conduct Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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