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Personal Leadership Style Name Institutional affiliation Tutor Date Personal Leadership Style Introduction Nursing management, in the thought of Austin (2009), is a field that can only be successful in the event that leadership skills are well executed in the concerned health care facility…
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Personal Leadership Style
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Download file to see previous pages According to Austin (2009), nurse leaders must be in a position to meditate on the emotions of their workmates as well as formulate ways in which they can deal with arising differences in the workplace. This paper shall assess my potential as a nurse leader and how I plan to use these strengths to be a nurse leader in the future. Among my leadership styles include my ability to learn, responsibility, strategicness, achiever and discipline. These leadership styles have been derived from my strength finder leadership styles. Learner According to Austin (2009), nurses in the contemporary world are expected to face a myriad of challenges in the course of duty. In this case, they are left with no alternative, but to portray efficient leadership skills if the healthcare delivery system has to be successful. In this case, the nurse as a leader has to be committed in their job as they are placed at the center of provision of healthcare services (Clark, 2008). In the course of duty, I learn a lot through reflection. Every weekend, I have clinicals in the hospital. After attending the clinicals every weekend, I grasp a lot from the sessions. In an instance whereby my fellow nurses are enlightened on the need to be discrete about patient information, I am forced to research on the topic by reading several books. After the research, I am able to relate the same in my practice as a nurse. My learning progress is seen through my practical approach in the health facility. By the end of my nursing course in May this year, I will have learnt a great deal about the profession. I have worked a lot in the telecommunication industry, and it is my ability and zeal to learn as a leader, that has seen my tremendous input and performance in the nursing profession. My journey towards attaining a degree in nursing has indeed been faced with a numerous drawbacks. A leader, as seen in the research report compiled by Green (2013), must be the blueprint of change in the course of duty. In this instance, I will be ardent to come up with new strategies of handling issues in the health institution, and be consistent in following up the implementation of the same policies. For instance, since the standards of practice in nursing are constantly changing, advising the nurses on the need to conduct more research on the changes through online tutorials, reading books and journals will be of great importance for the nurses. The challenge to see the change in my workplace motivates me the more and leads to me to an anticipation of my exemplary performance through learning and disseminating the same information. I will also remain loyal to the other workmates who made my learning a success especially because I cannot handle everything as an individual. In the event that the organization has the ability to cater for my expenses of providing the reading materials and links to the online tutorial classes, the same would be beneficial on my side as my learning will be financed in a way or another. In the event that I can advance my educational skills, this would be of great assistance as I can apply the acquired skills to the betterment of the health facility (Green, 2013). In the long run, the medication error and infection control will be under check, since these are the major issues in the nursing setting (Claborn & Zerwekh, 2003). I honor my desire to learn, and as a leader, I will endeavor to enroll for a course whenever I get the chance, as time in one’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Personal Leadership Style Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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