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Behaviors in Nursing Management Professional - Term Paper Example

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The paper “Behaviors in Nursing Management Professional” will begin with an introduction that outlines the critical responsibilities of managers in the nursing profession. Some of the identified roles include communicators, creating relationships with internal stakeholders…
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Behaviors in Nursing Management Professional
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Download file to see previous pages The specific type of leadership needed in nursing management practice will be analyzed and its advantages presented. The form of leadership recommended in nursing is democratic leadership. After this, the importance of emotional and cultural intelligence will be discussed. Emotional intelligent managers are leaders with ability to identify and understand personal change emotions and develop strategies to manage them. Cultural intelligence is critical in nursing management practice as one strives to create an influence in an environment with different cultures values refer. After a discussion on the leadership styles, the specific qualities needed will be presented. Some qualities identified include integrity, courage, attitude and ability to take initiative. The other qualities identified are optimism, ability to strike balance in all areas of life and ability to manage stress. The next part will be a discussion on values, qualities and behaviors in relation to management process, communication, team building, orientation of new staff and caring and ethics and empowerment of staff from a personal perspective. In the management process, values refer to the principles that the manager upholds and advocates. Qualities and behaviors refer to personal attributes that make a person an authentic leader in the organization. These values, behaviors and qualities in management process include being of integrity, promoting open communication, teamwork and managing organizational change. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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