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Disciplinary Action by the Texas Board of Nursing - Essay Example

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Registered Nurse Practice Course/Number Date 1. What are the obligations of a Registered Nurse (RN) to his or her patient and society? A Registered Nurse (RN) has obligations to his or her patient and society, roles that contribute to quality of care…
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Disciplinary Action by the Texas Board of Nursing
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Extract of sample "Disciplinary Action by the Texas Board of Nursing"

Download file to see previous pages RNs have a duty to resolve any issues that may compromise the safety of the patient such as conflicts of interest; and ensure that professional integrity is upheld. The duty to the patient requires RNs to cooperate fully with other clinicians and staff in treatment processes. In the society, Goodman and Spry (2014) have pointed out that RNs have a responsibility to create awareness about human health, and prevention and management of diseases. Additionally, RNs should extend their service to cover community outreach initiatives and civil programs regarding health care. In light of this, RNs have an obligation to be well informed about health-related issues both within their countries of operation and across the world: these include; disease outbreaks, disasters, and communicable diseases (Haag-Heitman, & George, 2010). An RN must also help the society with administering effective vaccines, interventions to famine, provide solutions to pollution, affect easier and closer health care services, and safeguard human rights. 2. What is the RN's Scope of Practice? According to Law and Marks (2013) the RN’s scope of practice involves advancing the interests of the patient and his or her loved ones as envisaged in the Nurse Practice Act (NPA) and the Board of Nursing regulations. Spence, Vallant, Roud and Aspinall (2012) have pointed out that it is within the RN’s scope to use specialized judgment and knowledge in precarious nursing situations. The nursing practice requires the professionals to render effective services premised upon sound skills of practice. The practitioners must also observe biological, social science and physical doctrines in their effort to settle for the best nursing interventions on patients (Haag-Heitman, & George, 2010). Despite their wide mandate in the provision of health care service, it is beyond the RNs’ scope of practice to diagnose patients’ health complications or offer treatment options for them. 3. What are prohibited practices or grounds for disciplinary actions by the Board of Nurse Examiners? The Board of Nurse Examiners (BNE) has laid out prohibited practices that normally guide professional practice. On the issue of patient care, any behavior that compromises the safety of the patient such as grave medication errors, patient exploitation, and negligence are prohibited in the profession (Goodman, & Spry, 2014). Chemical dependency is also prohibited in the profession, especially when the abuse compromises the safety of the patient. Such prohibited behaviors normally warrant different disciplinary measures such as license revocation, suspension, and even prosecution of the RNs. 4. Describe a RN's duty to report colleagues who may expose others to risk of harm. An RN has an obligation to ensure that the safety of the workplace is not compromised by fellow RNs or other clinicians (Haag-Heitman, & George, 2010). He or she must labor to promote everyone’s legal rights, individual privacy, and professionalism in order to ensure the provision of quality services for the patient. In view of this, it is the duty of RNs to report negligent clinicians and other staffs whose actions or inactions may compromise the safety of the workplace by hurting the patients and or fellow clinicians. 5. When does the professional nurse have an obligation to report these actions? Matsusaki and Sakai (2011) have pointed out that the professional nurse is under an obligation to report colleag ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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