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What precisely is HRM and what evidence is there to support the contention that it is linked in some way to improvements in a firms performance - Essay Example

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This has not evolved all of a sudden. The ideas and concepts are based on wide range of theories and practical tools. Any organisation comprises…
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What precisely is HRM and what evidence is there to support the contention that it is linked in some way to improvements in a firms performance
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Extract of sample "What precisely is HRM and what evidence is there to support the contention that it is linked in some way to improvements in a firms performance"

Download file to see previous pages This field of management looks into the most effective utilisation of the employees to achieve organisational and individual goals.
An important feature of this human resource management is that it is people oriented. It looks into the welfare of the employees and evolve the best arrangement for the employee and the organisation such that the organisational goals are met. It is a line responsibility. The human resource managers not only gives advice to their department regarding the issues relating to human resources but also to other departments. HRM is common to all organisations. It is not only a feature of the industrial world but it is hugely relevant in the fields of service, sports organisations, religious organisation, social organisations etc. Since HRM is mainly focussed on the issues relating to the people and due to the varying nature of the people the job of the human resource managers becomes a challenging task. It is a development oriented integrated approach. It not only tries to attain the individual goals of the employees but also the organisation and the society as a whole. (Randhawa, 2007)
HRM is the integral part of the management activity. The objective of the HRM is to see the effectiveness and the efficiency of the organisation. This they can do by helping the organisation to reach its goals, employ the skills and ability of the work force efficiently, to provide the organisation with well trained employees, look after the employee’s job contentment and self actualisation. The most important is the communication with the employees so that the employees are aware of the various policies undertaken by the management. (Randhawa, 2007)
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What Precisely Is HRM and What Evidence Is There to Support the Essay - 2.
“What Precisely Is HRM and What Evidence Is There to Support the Essay - 2”, n.d.
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