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Modern Human Resource Management - Term Paper Example

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This paper discusses the main features of modern human resource management. This paper is focused on analyzing and evaluating the main feature of the modern HRM and critical evaluation of the modern HRM practices that might help or hinder the organization to improve its performance. …
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Modern Human Resource Management
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Download file to see previous pages Human Resource Management concerns the recruitment, selection, development, compensation, retention, evaluation and promotion of personnel within an organization. The human resource of an organization comprises of all people who carry out its operations. In a sense; all decisions which influence the personnel distress the organization’s HRM role. Regardless of the size of a formal HRM, the actions involved in HRM are pervasive all the way through the organization (Bernarden & Russell 1993, p.2).
A lot of managers believe Human Resource Management as a merely administrative assignment that comprises keeping records creating statistical proceeds etc., however, modern Human Resource Management is a great deal extra (Armstrong, 2001). Modern Human Resource Management offers an inclusive set of strategies and actions to make sure that the organization directs its workers well, to the improvement of both the employer and the workers. The modern HRM function plants in business with line and departmental managers to assist them to direct their employees efficiently, to attain their probable and planned consequences (Storey, 2001).
Human resources are a term with which a lot of businesses clarify the blend of conventionally administrative workers responsibilities with performance, worker relations and resource development (Storey, 2001). The field illustrates upon thoughts developed in business/managerial Psychology. HR has at least two associated interpretations relying on the situation (Armstrong, 2001). The distinctive carry out derives from the political-financial system and finances, where it was usually called labor, one of four features of production. The supplementary widespread practice inside the business, businesses refers to the individuals within the organization, and to the part of the firm's association those deal with guidance, firing, hiring, and other personnel matters (Maund, 2001).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Modern Human Resource Management Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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